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Dedicated transvestite since 5 years old, now spends almost all time outside work en femme. Loves every aspect of detail in presenting the image of a modern, stylish and feminine woman. Adore experimenting with hairstyles and makeup. Have a weakness for earrings - currently have 109 pairs. Love being your maid or bride.

Men who have an interest in what we do and wear.

Janet Reger lingerie.
Stylish outerwear.
Victoria Beckham's handbag collection.
Intricate Updo hairstyles.
Earrings, did I mention that?

Oh, and if I could marry a man like David L., my life would be complete,
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Published on: 06 Oct 2019

My mentor.

Word reached me this week from a mutual friend of the death of Danny, my first real boyfriend/mentor/Master.

In 1990 I was fresh out of university and moved to take a job, where he was an engineer. We became close at company functions, despite he being 17 years my senior. He was chunky, balding and extremely hairy. Light flirting over drinks at a company function had led to him drunkenly suggest "You don't much fancy girls, do you?" to me replying "I actually see myself as one." That was out before I even thought.

An overnight quickly became a relationship, and boy, did he know what he wanted. My weekends were to be spent en femme 24/7 with him. He took me to the jewellers and had my ears pierced immediately. He sent me to a ladies hairdresser to have a "floppy page boy" type hairdo. He suppleemented my already large wardrobe with items to suit his taste.

He made me sleep in a basque and heels as part of my conditioning. I was mostly plugged. His demands for sex were constant, his demands for improvement in my look, deportment and feminine behaviour was even more insistent. His pet name for me was "Gloria", and on Christmas Day he presented me with a chastity cage, which he made me wear for six months. He taught me that my pleasure should always be that of my partner, and as he mostly had me caged and girdled when serving him, that quickly became ingrained. He released and milked me once a month, but into a glass while his cock was in my mouth - to align my release with the sensation of sucking him, he said. He would then slide my milk down my throat.

He also developed my fondness for domestic work, as I cooked, cleaned and tidied for him - always in the most objectifying outfits possible. He also sucked my nipples until I went crazy.

My first Master.

Died last week, South Africa,