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I've been cross dressing for about 20 years now, I'm not a full time dresser but dress whenever I can. I'm of average build, 12 stone, with just a slight tummy and I've been told I have georgeous legs and a cute bum. I keep my body smooth and like to make an effort to look fem. I don't mind hairy men, but I'm not into hairy TV/CD's, sorry but hairy legs and stockings or hairy chest and bra just dosen't do it for me.

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Published on: 14 Nov 2020

Lube and other musings

Being a bit of a size queen lube is important.

When I got fisted for the first time my Fister used Trex (Crisco). This worked well but being a vegetable fat, it does make a bit of a greasy mess.

Over the years I’ve mainly used a thick moisturiser cream as lube or, if I’m self-fisting in the bath, hair conditioner, which works quite well. But now my toys have got bigger I thought I’d give J-lube a try.

J-Lube was originally designed for vets due to the thick slippery gel that it produces making it highly suitable for certain veterinary procedures and is now the preferred lube among the FF fraternity. J-Lube is a water-soluble lubricant that is good with latex so perfect if you are using condoms or as a conductor in e-stim play. It is easy to clean up from your toys, skin, partners skin and bedsheets.

It comes in a bottle in powder form so that you can mix it yourself, with water, to your favourite consistency. A bottle contains 284g of powdered lube which, they say, should make about 11 litres once mixed up.

It’s super slippery stuff but I’ve found that it dries out quite quickly. However, if I mix it with a little of the moisturiser it remains slick for much longer.

My preferred recipe is:

Add 1 heaped teaspoon of j-Lube to a bottle. Then add to the bottle 100ml of boiling water and shake it like crazy until it has all dissolved. Then add about a dessert spoon of moisturiser and again shake it like crazy. Allow to cool before use.

Once mixed J-Lube will go off but it should keep ok for a couple of weeks if kept in a cool place. You could add a small amount of adding acetic acid or sodium benzoate as a preservative to lengthen its shelf life, but to be honest, I get though 100ml in a couple of weeks so there is no real need.

Another thought I’ve had would be to add the juice of a hand of root ginger to it to see if it would have the same effect as figging.

A long time ago I used to have my own website, You should be able to guess what it was about. I’m now in two minds as to resurrecting it. But rather than being focused on photo’s and videos of me filling my sissy pussy it will be more of a blog/review site, what do you think?

And finally. As one sale ends and another starts at John Thomas Toys, get 50% off all of their toys in their Christmas Sale which started this week.

Published on: 10 Nov 2020

A Trip to Gloucester

Well tomorrow I’m going to be stuck in a hotel in Gloucester for two nights with not much to do. Because of the lockdown the hotel pub & restaurant will be shut, but at least there is a good Chinese not far away so I won’t be going hungry.

So, I’ll have to keep myself entertained somehow. Of course, I’ll be taking a selection of sexy underwear and I mustn’t forget my new toys. I’ll probably slip the camera in too.

What I couldn’t do without though is my 2B e-stim box. If you’ve not tried e-stim you really should. I find it is really easy to get a hands-free orgasm using it but what I love most is using e-stim for edging.  I can bring myself to the brink and stay at that point of ecstasy for ages. In fact, I’ve not orgasmed now for well over a month. All my sexual satisfaction is coming from edging and playing with my pussy. The more I stay chaste the more I seem to find sexual pleasure without the need for orgasm.

So, all in all, I think I’ll have enough to keep myself occupied.

Published on: 04 Nov 2020

New Toys

I've been having a clear out of my toy box and investing in some new toys. I’ve not bought any new ones for about ten years, preferring to save money and make my own but then I noticed John Thomas Toys had an Autumn sale on so it was time to hit the credit card.

I've always liked to stretch my pussy open and I must admit it is now got quite big, taking a 10" circumference toy is no problem, but with big toys my pussy bottoms out at about 7" in depth.

So, I've decided my new toys must help improve my depth as well as giving me the stretch I enjoy.

Well what have I bought from John Thomas?

Boogeyman: This is a lovely smooth un-cut cock with a good bulge midway down the shaft and nice prominent veins. He is quite slender with a 7.5" circumference for most of his 12", so he slips inside me with ease. Then, about half way in, there is that exquisite feeling as his bulging shaft starts opening me up. With a couple of inches left I can feel his cock head start to press against and work its way past my upper sphincter. God it feels so good sliding all the way in. Finally, I’m fully impaled and resting on his big ball sack.

Oglin: Oglin is another fantasy dildo. He has a slim glans which make it easy for him to work his way inside my pussy. Then there are four prominent ridges with each ridge getting progressively bigger. Each one feels so wonderful as they pass inside me. So far, I’ve made it halfway on to the last ridge, so I’ve still got a couple of inches to go. Riding him hard is fantastic I love the way the ridges pull and pound on my pussy lips. He likes treating me rough.

Xtro: A good fat alien p-spot massager. Wow this feels amazing. Once the 9” glans forces its way in, he just gets fatter and fatter, all covered in ridges and bumps that tantalise my cunt. Oh, and then his fat head hits the spot, oh it’s so heavenly. He is a lovely snug fit and fills me up nicely.

Dickhead: Well this has got the better of me for the time being. He is a big fat brute of a dickhead. In fact, that is all he is! One big, green, reptilian, dickhead. I really do think my brain was led by my pussy when I bought this one.  Intended solely for the purposes opening my pussy to the point of destruction.

All are the large size and made of platinum cure silicone. They are amazing just to look at never mind ride. I'll post some pics soon. Now I just need to find a bigger toy box.