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There is no such thing as a regular T-Girl. Each of us is unique and comes with different tastes, skills and attributes. My name is Miranda. I am a T-Girl. No hormone treatment or surgical modification. Just the mind, spirit and sensibilities of a highly sexual lady in the lithe, fit and very fully functional body of what could be mistaken for a young man. I keep myself shaved completely smooth and live as much of my life as possible as the girl that I am within.
A good friend of mine says that I am a stage in sexual evolution not easily considered by anybody except perhaps the most open minded and progressive. Hopefully, that's you! I am an X-Man (or Woman) of sexuality! A branch off from the usual towards the homo superior from the homo sapiens. He told me that I am one of an elite few that are sexually evolved at a further stage than most of humanity and because I am among the very rare I am always going to be among the misunderstood. But he said that by those rare few who care and understand, that I am a prized and revered Princess. I love mysexuality. I love sex! It may be my favourite thing in the world ever. I love the joy I bring to men through it. I love the power it gives me. And I absolutely love the act of sex. Or acts! If you knew me, you'd know that I love the variety and the theatre of sex as much as the build up and orgasm of it.
I am fully versatile and can go from Top to Bottom and back again with complete ease and joy. Also I am fully switch and can play Sub or Domme to suit your desires. I do have a slight preference for being Domme Top but for some men that just makes it even more delicious when they get me to switch and be their subbie bitch or passive girlfriend!
Read on and consider what you'd like. And feel free to offer me your own ideas as I am always open to new twists.
I accommodate in Twickenham with parking and shower facilities.

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Avatar tvseeker
September 27th, 2020
Love your photos. Lovely figure