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So a bit about me. I am definitely genderfluid as I am equally happy as a guy as I am a women. I know really don't understand that; sadly even in here which is why i needed time away. I am very open minded, tactile, passionate, and I enjoy having stimulating conversations. I try not to be judgmental and try my best to take people on face value. I'm single, live alone, and although I love being around people I'm just as content with my own company too.

I have many dress styles but there is something just so provocative about leather! One attire you will never ever see me in is the sissy look. Corsets and heels however.....mmmmm, uber yummy! lols.

I'm in my late thirties now (sob) but try to look after myself as much as possible. I run, swim and love yoga. I have a natural 28 waist and 37 chest (dress size 10 bttm and 12 top). I'm 5'7 and have size 7 feet (lucky me as amazing footwear are so easy to find!). I have hazel eyes and have a selection if different hairstyles. I am slim/athletic and I love my bum and legs. I'm super lucky that I have a femme lower half; well for the most part! hee hee.

As for hobbies and interests, I've way too many to list; suffice to say I will have something in common with most of you so they'll be no excuses to chat. Unless of course we're doing something else!

When it comes to pictures of me. Yes I am some but if you only want to chat to me based on how I look and how I look alone then sorry you're not for me. After all, if connection is based solely on looks then how would a blind person ever find love or lust?

I hope we can have a super chat soon.

Much love,

Katie, or Katz. xxx
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Avatar sotonman
February 15th, 2021
hi Katz fancy a chat