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Published on: 24 Feb 2020

TS Monica

 Away with work one night I found myself bored after dinner sitting browsing online escort pages. When I came across Monica's advert I was drawn to here dark brown eyes and caramel skin. I knew I wanted to meet her straight away but she was only a top. I had met trans escorts before but only as a top myself. 

The idea of being fucked had intrigued me and the lure of Monica proved too much. Within the hour I was knocking on her door.

She opened the door in a slinky gown and led me to her room. She was even prettier in person. She had long dark hair, deep eyes and beautiful caramel skin. 

She left me whilst I undressed and my heart pounded in my chest and my cock twitched with anticipation. 

I sat on the bed and when she entered the room she was dressed in skimpy white lingerie. Her breasts spilling out and ass perfectly framed, my eyes were drawn to the bulge between her legs, barely hidden by white lace.  I knew I wanted to feel it inside me. 

We kissing and my hand wandered down to her cock i rubbed it through the lace but couldnt wait to see it out. I knelt down and removed her cock from lingerie. It grew harder in my hands and I took it in my mouth. I sucked on her cock, I took it as deep in my mouth as I could. I licked the shaft up to the head and got it as wet as I could. Monica took charge and dragged me to the bed. 

She told me to lie on my front and raise my ass in the air. She gently lined my hole slipping her fingers. I was nervous but wanted nothing more than Monica to enter me. 

She pressed the tip on my virgin hole. She slowly pushed forward I felt my hole stretch open and engulf her cocks thick head. My own cock grew and became so hard I thought I might cum straight away. 

As Monica pushed deeper an involuntary moan of pain and pleasure escaped my lips. She slowly rocked in and out, pushing in deeper each time. She pushed my head down into the bed and started to speed up. I could feel her body on mine and wanted her deeper and deeper. She began fucking me harder and all I could do was moan for more. My cock bounced you and down after 10 minutes I could feel I was ready to blow. 

Monica flipped me over and put my legs in the air, i felt exposed and knew I had no control of what was happening. She re entered my ass pushing deep until her weight was pushing my legs up to my chest. My cock exploded shooting cum up my stomach and chest. Monica slowed but she hadn't yet finished. As my cock grew limp she continued to fuck my ass which was no longer a tight virgin hole. All pain had been replaced by ecstasy. I wanted her cum. She finally pulled out and shot her creamy load all over my reaching my face and chest. I licked my lips and tasted the sweet salty flavour of her cum. 

Monica left me to catch my breath cum from both of us covering me. 

She led me inside and showed me to her room. 

Published on: 24 Feb 2020

My first experience

The idea of having a hard cock in my mouth had turned me on for a while. So I found a local gay sauna. I decided to visit on the date to bare day to as this was the busiest day and I knew there would be guys around. As I approached the door my stomach did flips and I became nervous. My mouth was dry and my heart was pounding in my chest. I wanted to turn and walk away but my curiosity won over and I stepped inside.  I paid my entrance fee and continued to the locker area, I gingerly undressed and locked up my belongings. As I stepped deeper into the sauna I felt exposed, my mouth grew dryer, there was no way I would be able to pleasure a cock with such a dry mouth.  Starting to think I had made a mistake I stepped into a small cubicle I thought was a toilet. Inside was a low bench and a TV showing gay porn. My cock was soft and my stomach still felt sick. I was ready to leave. As I reached for the door a smooth hard cock slid through a hole in the wall.  As it joined me in the small room my own cock twitched with excitement. I slowly took it in my hand gently rubbing up and down the 7” shaft. My own cock grew harder and heart pounded through my chest.  I instinctively dropped to my knees so my face could be closer to the strange cock in my hands. I continued to rub the shaft as I moved my face closer to the head. I took in a deep breath letting the aroma fill my nostrils. My cock grew harder still.  My craving to taste the cock grew until I could no longer deny my self. Although my mouth was still dry I licked the tip and slowly took the head into my mouth. As I did I heard a low groan from the other side of the wall. Moved the thick head over my lips in and out my mouth. As I did my mouth began watering and each move in became a little deeper.  I took as much of the cock in my mouth as I could choking slightly but loving each second. My mouth was lubricating the cock and saliva dripped out my mouth and off the cock. The owner started pushing through with more force and the meaning grew louder. Kept trying to go deeper to satisfy this beautiful cock and with each thrust I choked.  Finally my dream was realised, the moaning grew quicker and deeper until a breathless I’m cumming came through the wall. The I took the cock as deep as I could now sloppy with my saliva it slid between my hungry lips with ease. The first pulse came as a surprise the sweet salty cum filled my mouth, a second and third pulse proved too much for me to handle cum began to drip across my lips and down my face. I swallowed as much as I could.  After the third gunshot in .y mouth my own cock came hard on the floor without me even touching it. I cleaned the strangers cock before he left and I sat back in the dark room, cum still dripping from my mouth and the tip of my cock finally satisfied.