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Bi TS 30 TV
I keep myself shaved completely smooth!
London: Richmond
Richmond UK
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All about Miranda

There is no such thing as a regular T-Girl. Each of us is unique and comes with different tastes, skills and attributes. My name is Miranda. I am a T-Girl. No hormone treatment or surgical modification. Just the mind, spirit and sensibilities of a highly sexual lady in the lithe, fit and very fully functional body of what could be mistaken for a young man.

I keep myself shaved completely smooth and live as much of my life as possible as the girl that I am within.

A good friend of mine says that I am a stage in sexual evolution not easily considered by anybody except perhaps the most open minded and progressive. Hopefully, that's you! I am an X-Man (or Woman) of sexuality! A branch off from the usual towards the homo superior from the homo sapiens. He told me that I am one of an elite few that are sexually evolved at a further stage than most of humanity and because I am among the very rare I am always going to be among the misunderstood. But he said that by those rare few who care and understand, that I am a prized and revered Princess.

I love my sexuality. I love sex! It may be my favourite thing in the world ever. I love the joy I bring to men through it. I love the power it gives me. And I absolutely love the act of sex. Or acts! If you knew me, you'd know that I love the variety and the theatre of sex as much as the build up and orgasm of it.

I am fully versatile and can go from Top to Bottom and back again with complete ease and joy. Also I am fully switch and can play Sub or Domme to suit your desires. I do have a slight preference for being Domme Top but for some men that just makes it even more delicious when they get me to switch and be their subbie bitch or passive girlfriend!
Read on and consider what you'd like. And feel free to offer me your own ideas as I am always open to new twists.

The challenge is to make me erupt like a volcano down your throat and explode all over your face with my thick tasty cum. Would you like to test your skills and capabilities on my hard and heavy cock? Do you think you could please me properly? Do you think you could fit every inch in your mouth and even down your throat? Or must I take complete charge and force you, holding your head while I fuck your mouth while you gag and the tears stream until I'm ready to soak your face and fill your mouth with my hot and creamy load? Be careful what you ask for as you may get more than you expect.

Maybe you are the kind of guy who would enjoy becoming my personal bottom bitch and my new favourite fuck toy as you wear my panties and stockings before you join me in some extra kinkular activities. You know the sort, the type where I do you doggy style and give you a good hard fucking as I pound away deep into your ass, and fuck you senseless. Have you dreamed of being used by The Queen Bitch and her hard, fat cock? Do you think you can take it without crying? But will you be crying for mercy or crying for more? Do you like the sound of that, bitch.?

Or maybe you are a first timer and an ass virgin, looking to lose your cherry with me. In which case I promise to teach you the physics of sex and go real easy on you, as I kiss you softly and gently nibble away at your erogenous zones before fingering you deeply in your ass, keeping you on the edge of climaxing with the most amazing prostate massage until I have relaxed you enough, so that I can gently slide my big cock deep inside you, watching as you writhe around on the end of my cock and moan groan in absolute ecstasy ...Mmmm do you prefer the sound of that, honey?


You fuck me face to face with lots of looking and lots of kissing. You so want to pound me hard and hear me cry out in subdued spirit and anguish but you see the love in my eyes. And when you cum you finish so hard and so heavy and you make me drink all I can before kissing you with your taste lingering on my lips and tongue. Or you can always tell me how it needs to be, Daddy.

Have you ever fantasized about fucking the gorgeous company secretary, you know the one who dresses in short tight skirts, stockings and killer heels? Or maybe you fancy the idea of being bribed into sex by your sexy boss in order to keep your job? Except she just so happens to be packing a seriously unexpected, mouth watering surprise! Or perhaps you are feeling ill and would like Nurse Miranda to ease your pain away, and work her magic touch on you with one of her sensual deep tissue massages, and once you are feeling better you can return the favour by giving Nurse Miranda's delectable ass an internal massage with your stiff excitement?
I seriously love to roleplay and I would love to indulge your pleasure by helping to bring your innermost fantasies to life, no matter how explicit. In fact the naughtier the better!
So be sure to let me know if you have a particular role or scenario you would like to act out with me.We only live once and we should ensure we do not regret the things we wanted to experience and did not fulfill. Let me help you live life to the max!

I have no dungeon but when you cannot see because of the blindfold or the hood, when you are menacled at your wrists and ankles and disciplined and given lessons in the darker side of life, my big cock using your face and ass, the dungeon will exist in your mind and you will learn not to pray for release but to beg for more.
State your limits and be prepared to have them tested. Learn about yourself by handing over control and letting me help you explore the shadows within. But I do have neighbours. so you must learn quickly how to scream, yelp and cry out in deliciously anguished silence.

For more info, and to see what those who have met me have to say about my sessions then check out my reviews below to see how much joy I bring through sex.

''What a wonderful experience fantastic time thanks again Miranda x''

''Her wonderful kissing alone worth the price of admission. Very sexy girl with beautiful dark skin and lovely lips for sucking and fucking''

Shyguy 1970
''What an amazing time I had. No clock watching, I was nervous but put at ease as soon as I entered the door. This girl really loves her job and it shows''

You can see the rest of my reviews and field reports on AW.

When it comes to fucking I will only play safe and that will not change. I respect a man who respects his health and expect the same sense of respect in return.

If you would like an unforgettable time with an incredible girl who is friendly, easy going and just plain wild sexy in bed then feel free to contact me. I accommodate in central Twickenham TW1, a short walk from the station. Discretion is always assured and expected. Parking is easy and free and shower facilities/poppers are provided.

Miranda -kiss....
0777 592 7019
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