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Hey Lover I'm Sheba💋 Gifted in the art of seduction, the gift of gab, and the 6th sense –🎆humor; I am the girl you seek when you crave something outside of the norm -Something more real and fortunately I know a little magic, it’s a talent that I have always possessed and dear sweetheart please don’t laugh I use it on behalf of curious, first timers and lovers. They come flocking to me crying ‘spells Sheba please!’ and I help them, yes I do. Never once have had the odd complaint because on the whole I’ve been a saint to those horny souls.

Life’s full of tough choices innit? 😂Go ahead make your choice I’m a very laid back woman and I’ve got all day it won’t cost much just a token of appreciation. If you want to cross a bridge my dear you’ve got to pay the toll💰 take a gulp and take a breath and go ahead and make your choice.

Have we got a deal? 😉😘
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