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Hello! I am Regina an independent part time companion in my mid-twenties and the kind of girl you wish to live next to your door.

I look as you can see on my photos: petite and delicate, natural slender body with delightful curves, soft alabaster skin decorated with few small symbolic tattoos, very long auburn hair and an exotic face with tempting lips you will want to kiss forever. Unlike my portfolio I smile and laugh a lot, I am a sweet girl with a nice and funny personality.

Publicly I am elegant, charming, well-mannered and feminine. I take pride in being immaculately presented and dressed by the occasion. As a lingerie collector I will always have sexy little things beneath my clothes. My favourite kind of appointment starts with a nice dinner, some wine and spontaneous talk where complicity can start to rise up. I enjoy a relaxed company without pressures. Just be yourself and let's have fun!

I consider myself an hedonistic woman always seeking pleasurable sensations. I am proud to say I live my life to the fullest, I believe time is the most valuable asset and one of my favorite ways to spend it is with my lovers. Meet different kind of people and share moments of intimacy and complicity feeds my spirit with satisfaction.

I like to live this kind of experiences beyond sex so is a priority for me build a connection and savouring our chemistry. Every date is a new adventure, unique and special, maybe it's an ephemeral moment in our lifes but we can create memories that will last forever.

Have you ever dream with the perfect love? A passionate affair that makes blows your mind? A fulfillment of a secret desire? A escape of the world? We all have desires that sometimes becomes needs, let me take care of you and surrender to my warm embrace. I am some kind of nymph, a creature divine and savage, fiery and seductive, once we exchange glances you will sense the deep desire to explore the curves and softness of my body. By my side you will be free to re-discover your wild side without prejudgement, shame or guilt. Come to me to feel the intensity of my fire, taste the pleasures of flesh and be mine in a rapture of lust.
I could go on but I think is better keep some mystery until you decide to contact me to have a closer encounter where I could delight your 5 senses.

Either our time together is a fleeting rendezvous or an extended overnight of pleasures I can assure you it will be an unforgettable experience.
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