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Bi Male 62 ABDL
I am a lifelong crossdresser/transvestite/sissy/DL that also loves to wear diapers and is looking for other diaper sissies
Downtown San Diego US
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April 30

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I am a lifelong crossdresser/transvestite/sissy/DL that also loves to wear diapers. My diaper wearing predates my love of lingerie and women's clothing by several years. Over the past several years I've become attracted to the little girl/sissy look, and while I'm not particularly submissive, I enjoy reading about it, and looking at pictures of others like myself. I'm much more DL than AB. I'm college educated and have a variety of interests such as cooking, travel, movies, politics, history, outdoor adventures and others.

I love petticoats very much, and lingerie of all kinds (bras, panties, garter belts, stockings, slips, and half slips and corsets.) I have a huge collection of the above and the lingerie I buy are all high quality designer brands. My diaper wearing is usually of the cloth variety, but I'll use disposables when convenient. I love plastic panties too.

I'm looking for a local playmate (San Diego/Southern California), but will consider playdates with someone who travels to San Diego periodically. I __definitely__ insist on exchanging information, likes/dislikes, and pictures beforehand. No quickie one night stands. Sexual activity, if it gets that far, must be with condoms. If you're someone who would be interested in sharing similar interests with me, I'd love to hear from you. Please, no men (meaning Daddies as I'm not into D/s AT ALL), I'm OK with males dressed as babies both girl and boy. Other sissies, CDs, trannies, possibly couples are most welcome. I'm a fun person with a great sense of humor. Please write me and let's start a dialog if you're in any of those groups!

Please contact me at (n i k k i d l s d @ y a h o o . c o m). Remove the space from the text in parentheses and you'll be able to send me a message!

I can role play and be the stern babysitter if you like, and would consider acting the role of submissive sissy, although I'd prefer any dominance to be kept light and fun. I'd definitely love to play dress up and share outfits with each other. I'd just love to help you change your clothes and most definitely love to change your diaper and definitely would love for you to change mine. I am at my most vulnerable when someone changes my wet diapey.

I don't mean to put anyone who is interested off, so please write me and let's start a conversation!
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