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Your Silver Fox Next Door, 6'6"Working Man 🛠, Photographer, Outdoorsman🌲, Nature Nerd
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Hello Everyone, I am an artist, a designer, a student, an outdoorsman, a naturalist, a feminist and a lover of the simple details that make this world beautiful. While I have expensive taste, I appreciate the little things in life most of all. If there is one thing I know about life it is how hard it can be to put yourself first, so please allow me to help you do just that. I am one of the most thoughtful, caring and compassionate people you will meet and I love to bring joy and satisfaction to those closest to me. Be it a candle lit dinner followed by a bath or an adventurous hike cleansed away with a refreshing outdoor shower, you will enjoy getting to know me and hopefully rediscovering some things about yourself along the way. Please know you are in good hands and our time together will be nothing less than rejuvenating and memorable. I also have friends in most major cities around the US, so don't be shy about exploring...

​Sincerely, Levi Newman
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