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The best dancer at St Bernadette’s... with the worst reputation. 💃🏼
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​I'm a west coast girl originally, but I've been all over the world. I can't go more than a month or two without getting itchy feet to explore a place I've never been before. I love art and literature (and I have a masters in each topic!), and I've always been drawn towards the unconventional, which is why I've lived in Edinburgh, Singapore, New York, London, Milan and San Francisco, all in the last five years. I love learning languages and I'm proficient in English, Spanish, Italian, and I'm currently trying to learn Mandarin. My eagerness to learn and experience new things makes me an ideal companion no matter what the proposed adventure is. I've been surfing in Bali, hiking in Africa, dancing in Spain, drinking wine in Napa, and hopefully next year will include even more adventures all around the world!

At 5'10 and with a stunning collegiate track and field record, I'm athletic and have dabbled in professional modeling, but people always say my best feature is my never-ending smile. Thankfully, I love laughing hard and often. I think most importantly however, I value honest and earnest human connection. As you can see from my profile and if you follow me on Twitter, I am someone who is intellectually and genuinely drawn to the study of intimacy and passion. Let's learn together.
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