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⚰️🕯⛓🗝Fera Lorde🗝⛓🕯⚰️ 🥀 Erotic Departure Host 🥀 Keeper of Confessions ⛪️ Pandrogynous Gemini ✨ NOLA 2/18-2/22 🌬 CHI 2/23-2/28 🍯$FeraLamos

You are someone with a taste for the extrasensory; a deep desire to know the depths of pleasure and connection; a lust for passion and transformation. You are here for self care, self exploration, and your own erotic evolution.

Who am I?

A Gemini full of glittering gifts, I'm a nurturing, passionate, and hedonistic lover with a quick wit. I'm an artist, a researcher, a revolutionary. I am thoughtful and inquisitive, and study the cosmos of our universe, of our bodies, and of our atomic structure all with immense curiosity. I strive to deconstruct our habits and patterns, while standing firmly in an ethos of justice and accountability. I am a gender nihilist, and prefer they/them pronouns.

I'm a petite 5'4" with a peachy booty, lil tits, furry armpits, edgy black hair, hazel eyes, warm olive skin, a stunning smile, and a glittering of unique tattoos. I'm not quite like anyone else, and neither are you ;)
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