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Female Sexy Girl
a professional asian premium based in downtown toronto.
Downtown Toronto CA
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Stats: Late-20s, non-smoker, all natural, 115 lbs, standing a mere 5’2”, Asian, of Chinese descent, born in Canada, hosting incalls in downtown Toronto by Front and Spadina in an upscale condo with free underground parking and easy access from the Gardiner and by TTC.

A closer read: A modern day nymph of the bedroom, you’ll find me licking popsicles in the August heat while I bruise my knees thinking of you. Though I find the mind to be the most compelling human feature, I spend as much time cultivating my body as I do my intellect. I have strong legs as smooth as buttermilk with which I go for long, winding runs to my favourite dance playlists. After a particularly rough day, I swim furious laps in the pool downstairs. My thick, natural brown hair is cut short and usually tied back in two little buns. I have defined cheekbones, two dimples that say hi when you make me laugh, a small but full mouth which begs to be stuffed, and a petite, athletic frame with peachy, supple handfuls where you want them the most.

I guess I was destined to be a professional seductress. Even as a young, precocious girl, I had a strong fascination with what was between my thighs; the potential there. The impulses I forfeited myself to easily led me to wayward destinations. Then, as now, I draped myself in bravado. When I wasn’t getting straight As like a good Chinese girl, I sought the fleeting thrills. When I was twelve, my mother hired men to come by and install new hardwood floors for the first floor of our detached suburban home. I made sure to be there in tiny shorts to offer the sweating men cold glasses of water, the condensation dripping down the back of my hands in the thick July humidity. I liked the quiet one who didn’t speak English, with the kind eyes and acne scars. It was all a game then. My friend Chi and I chatted every evening online about which teachers we thought were hot. Our Polish science teacher, whose dick we could see pressing up through his Dockers right at our eyelines as we sat obediently in our desks during first period. “Don’t be afraid to be sexual with him,” she told me boldly. We weren’t afraid of anything then.

By the time I matured into a young woman, I began to better understand the palpable power female sexuality had over men. When I first broke up with my high school boyfriend the summer before university, I abandoned everything I was taught about being chaste. Sometimes all it took was one stare and I knew I could have him in a second. That science teacher, that boy’s older brother, the guy who flicked his tongue ring at me from across the corridor. And so began my residency in whoredom.

Unlike some of the girls around me, I knew love and lust were mutually exclusive concepts. I learned early on that love came with its baggage, but sex didn’t have to. A summer of unrestrained promiscuity led me to realize how much I enjoyed the uncharted territories of anonymous intimacy. All of the fantasies you could fill in between all that unknowing. I coveted the feeling of being objectified and exploited for my flesh. I wanted nothing more than to be a hot little grip. I brought guys home from god knows where, and when I was left unsatisfied by drunken under-performers, I set my sights online, trying my luck on Craigslist and other dating sites. It wasn’t long before I realized I could be charging men for the pleasure of pleasuring me.

Outside of the bedroom, I did everything I was supposed to. I went to class, I got on the dean’s list, I read serious books, I earned prestigious degrees from prestigious universities, I worked in offices and filed paperwork. I also told men to fuck off when I felt like they needed to hear it.

You see, I do what feels good, even when it gets me into trouble. I seek pleasure and beauty above all else. With the charm and charisma of a cat, I invite you to ask me my opinion on anything. Over time, you’ll get acquainted with my satirical side. As a firm supporter of free speech rights, I believe in the unrestrained proliferation of ideas. Political correctness can be such a bore.

I’m a sought-after companion in Toronto, as past clients can attest to. I’ve collected a plethora of all-star reviews, and the list continues to grow. I’m conscientiously aware of my role as a provider of fantasies and pleasure. My experience in the industry has exposed me to a diverse range of personalities, and I am highly attuned and responsive to different client needs. In many ways, this line of work has always come naturally to me. Seduction was my first tongue. I have high standards for what counts as good sex, and I try to pass this onto my guests.

I like cryptoanarchy, individualism, liberty, pleasure, social cinema depicting underrepresented subcultures, post-punk, slurping oysters, sleeping in, omakase, old fashioneds with extra cherries, boutique lingerie, designer heels, leather brogues, silk blouses, black comedy, dirty talk, taking my damned time, creative writing, technology, modernist literature (William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf), photojournalism, and good electronic music that can keep me dancing till dawn.

I have good taste but I’m not pretentious about it. I like to keep up with the Kardashians. I want to know about the newly leaked celebrity sex tapes. I think it’s hilarious Donald Trump is president, and it says everything you need to know about America in a nihilistic way. I don’t support his policies but I do find it interesting that he’s exposing the frailties of democracy for what it has always been.

I don’t like social justice warriors. I believe in free market capitalism. I go off the beaten path as often as I can. I am curious about the world. I’m pretty well-travelled and may be able to accompany you on your trips after we have gotten to know one another. I’m into criminal justice and I root for the underdog with my anarchist streak.

Though I can be the exuberant life of the p***y, I find myself happy to enjoy my own solitude with a good pot of tea and a book with my cats, writing in my journal, or a one-on-one conversation with someone captivating.

In my spare time I take photos, and I’m also writing an anthology of personal essays. Writing has always been an important outlet for me. The freedom and luxury of leisure time this lifestyle affords me is better than any other starving writer hoped for. I frequently update this blog with journal entries found here.

Though I reserve a wide latitude of discretion, I am kink-friendly, so throw me your wildest, most taboo fantasies and I will see if I am open to accommodating them. I am experienced with many forms of roleplay. Feel free to explore some of my favourites. Do let me know what scenario fits your taste. I am naturally submissive in my relationships outside of work, but I only submit by choice to the men I trust and want to share this kind of intimacy with.

I’m not shy about what I want, and I provide alternative experiences like sensual domme or edging sessions that will keep your toes curled while I tease and deny you the release you crave. Or you may want to book me with one of my favourite duo partners for a special occasion. Please take a look at my full list of experiences offered, and email me to discuss your desires if you’re not sure about what you want.

I’m well known for my 420-enhanced sessions, available at no extra cost. In my mind, marijuana is the best aphrodisiac, especially during the summertime. I try to keep at least one indica and one sativa strain on hand, although I prefer sativa-dominant hybrids. Feel free to bring your own supply - I’ve had clients share with me their own homegrown and that’s always a delight. I see taking mind-altering substances together as a potentially romantic activity, although I’m partial to downers over uppers.

Note that I have other work commitments, and I only see a limited number of clients per week. Longer bookings will be prioritized. I’m a low-volume provider with the liberty to spread out my bookings, and I don’t see more than two clients a day. I prefer to approach each appointment fresh, energetic, and always a bit hungry.

I do not discriminate based on colour, shape, religion, or gender.
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