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Hi, I am Debora I'm a curvy mixed race Brazilian goddess from Rio de Janeiro with a lovely exotic look, lots of sexiness, heat and passion! This is my first time in the UK and I can't wait to show you all my skills.

would you like to have the moment of your life? I'll give it to you. I know exactly what to do and how to do it to blow your mind. it's going to be worth every penny, I promise! my blow job is out of this world! just try not to cum during it as there'll be more in store for you. do you want to be banged? I love being dom, with my perfect 8 inches, thick, juicy cock, I'll excite all your senses gently or roughly, you let me know. or if you prefer to be dom, it's no problem, I'll love to have your cock inside my big rounded Brazilian arse!

**Why use hotels instead of private apartments?**
Hotels are the *most discreet* locations possible. Hotels usually have *more than 200 rooms* which makes it impossible for staff to know who is a resident and who isnt - it means you're free to walk in without being stopped. Also hotels usually have *bars and restaurants* which means if anyone spots you walking into it, you can just say you were heading to the bar for a pint: a *plausible excuse* that wouldn't work for a private building. The most important aspect of using hotels, though, is the fact that it offers *safety for you and me*. You know that in a hotel there won't be funny business. You know that *in a hotel you're safe, and so am I*.

I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese - but who needs to talk? I promise you a great service that'll make you leave wishing to see me again and again.

* shower, clean towels and parking available.
* for appointments earlier than 10am please call the evening before.
* discounts available for regulars only.
* no calls from withheld numbers.
* no freebie hunters.
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