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αℓтєяиαтινє fιяє¢яα¢кєя. ρнσтσgяαρнєя ◾️ryanlagosee@protonmail.com Tatted Bubbly Feisty + Petite 18+

My first day at Allegra was approximately 1 .5 years ago. I came from working out of an agency and gained a great reputation. Something you may or may not know already, I take photos- lots of them. I am aspiring to one day establish a very successful career doing what I love.
I am an extremely sexual individual-always have been. When I began my journey as an independent sex worker I was terrified. Thoughts like, "what if i don't have enough people join me on this journey!" "Will I be able to meet new people through my ads?" "Do enough people like my look?" "How do I screen properly?" So many wild thoughts surrounded my head and I was terrified.
My first week came and it was such a success, the doubts slowly left my head. I started opening up with the people I was meeting (wink wink). I began exploring certain fetishes that were beyond my imagination. The role of becoming independent had given me.....well, an independence i had never found in myself. Responding to emails, phone calls- posting ads, creating a website. My creative thoughts were going wild.
Onto my selfie game.... Ive always adored taking selfies, even before I started in the industry but I didn't particularly dress up too much---sexually. I am now a lingerie addict! I adore pinup style, high waisted, rich colour. You can see that my selfies have improved along with my photography skills, I have this job to thank for that.
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