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Hi x

My name is Billie, I’m an English rose with a big personality.

If there is one thing I am not it is ordinary. I’m not one for following rules and routines; rules are fun to break.

I’m one of the rare women to be blessed with both perky breasts and a peachy derrière. Waves of blonde golden hair reach down the curves of my hourglass shape, with my skin that appears both porcelain and glass; yet is silky smooth to touch. With lips that cushion around you. I’m stylish and often called chic; I like classic brands and film noir inspired makeup, soft silks and gentle lace delicately sit neatly folded above my ever growing collection of latex.

As an aspiring starlet, I spend my day to day expressing myself through The Arts, you’re more likely to spot my seductive gaze through the smoky haze of a jazz bar, or see my eyes in awe of artefacts in a museum, than anywhere else. I’m almost always carrying around a camera, notebooks and sketchpads. I’m unpredictable and encourage spontaneity. My wild imagination keeps me open minded and innovative, always keen to explore bizarre places, hear new languages and try new tastes; I follow my wanderlust, and I’m who you’ll meet whilst you’re following yours.

The city that I call home is London, a city that much like me never sleeps, full of both energy, excitement and I navigate my bearings in this city from my knowledge of restaurants, theatres and the odd hidden cocktail bar. All of the environments I enter are graced by my infinite glamour, with as much as a touch of attitude as the touch of class I give. I’m an enthusiast for philosophy, art and fantasies, and I seek other fools likeminded to spend my hours with, learning from each other through touch, taste and pillow talk.

The seduction is yet to come.

Waiting for your call.

B x

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