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Adelaide AU
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I'm a Sissy slave currently owned by a BBW Mistress. Mistress keeps me locked in a Chastity Cage 24/7 and uses me for her pleasure.
My new Birthday is Feb 14th 2008 Valentines Day, that is the day Mistress decided to trap me and turn into her Sissy Slave. We were only Neighbours then that day she gave a Valentines Day card. Little did I know what she had in store for me.
Mistress knew about my Crossdressing before my new birthday and that is what gave her the idea. Mistress would wear tops that showed a lot of cleavage when she came over to borrow milk or sugar, (that's why she came over so often!)
I had know idea that she was setting her trap but her lovely big breasts were the bait, SNAP!!!!!
I can't wait for my birthday, Mistress will let me put my tiny Sissy Clit in her wonderful pussy that is reserved for her lovers. Mistress found some Condoms made for 12 year old boys that I have to use seeing as I'm smaller than the average 13 year old. The next time I get to make love to Mistress will my next birthday in 2016.
Mistress is going to make me suck cock and offer my Sissy Pussy to any guys that want to fuck me and any Ladies who want to use a strapon.
I am just a sex toy to be used by Mistress and anyone she allows.
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