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I am NOT a prostitute, premium, or stripper.

I am a model, stage performer (especially dance), fetish artist and performer, lifestyle dominatrix, and fetish/ BDSM/ ABDL artist, specialist, and technician.

You can meet me here: - (Facebook is the best way to get in touch with me)
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I live in Ottawa and I am a 24/7 lifestyle dominant female, hedonist and fetishist. By night, I am a stage performer, dancer (usually bellydance), fetish performer, photographer, makeup artist and special effects artist.

My personal style is a mixture of classic femdom (especially the shiny stuff from the eighties and nineties, and sometimes ABDL themes). Sometimes, I have incorporated post-apocalyptic/ cyberpunk/ goth-ish elements into my performances.

In my personal life, I am monogamist fetishist. I perv over anything sadistic, cruel, controlling, and empowering (for me). I love to wear anything shiny; pvc is my current favorite. I discovered ABDL and infantilization themes and techniques, and I incorporate them as much as I can into my slave's life. I think I have also developed a watersports kink.

I have always had a great appreciation and love for the pinup art. I grew up collecting images from pinup artists such as Vargas and Elvgren. As a teenager, my bedroom walls were covered in pictures of Bettie Page, Sally Rand, Gypsy Rose Lee, and more recently, Dita Von Teese. All these artists have greatly influenced my dance style and costuming. I think I fell love with fetish and BDSM through Bettie Page before I even hit puberty.

I started as a submissive, and I lived with an older man that was a dance teacher. With him I learned tango, swing, and other ballroom dances. Through these dance groups, I connected to other groups that where teaching and performing cabaret belly-dance and Bollywood. I then moved on to learn some more traditional dance styles, like Egyptian cane dancing. I really liked being with, and dancing with others of a similar background, but I found that too restrictive. I eventually found Tribal belly-dance. I loved it, it fit me well, and that is a style I have stuck with.

Shortly after this, I got into burlesque. Around the time that I started burlesque, I was unhappy with being a sub, and I was starting out as a switch. You may notice that many of my older pictures have me with chains. I invented a type of belly/ bondage dance around that time. Eventually, I left the older man, and began a new life with my current partner. He was used to being a top, but I was in the process of realizing that I was meant to be a dom.

I think my time as a lifestyle submissive has helped me prepare for being a lifestyle dominant. At least I know what all of my tools feel like.

An ideal day for me includes an afternoon curled up by the fire with a good book, surrounded by my three little dogs.

My interests include:
Movies especially old ones from the '40s and '50s.
Writing short stories,
Argentine Tango,
Tribal Bellydance,
Fetish performance, Stage performance,
Makeup Artistry,
Special Effects,
My Dogs!

I am all over the web; please check me out on Myspace, Facebook, and anywhere else you feel like.
Bragging rights
Professional model, fetish performer, burlesquer, dancer, makeup artist, and daycare teacher.
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