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Bi TS Princess
Enfield UK
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I am a new girl, looking to meet other girls or a mistress.

Being very sub, I am yours to command, yours to play with, yours to use. I just want to be a very good little sissy who does what she is told (without question).

My ideal job would be to work for a tv/ts mistress. When she has clients round and they want to cum, of course she will not let them cum inside her. Oh no. That is my job. She goes over to the wardrobe, and huddled in the corner is me, the dirty slut. She get me out, and present me to her client. She takes the cock mouth gag out of my mouth, and then my mouth is for her clients pleasure. It is my job to take their cum. Once they have shot their load into my mouth, I am not allowed to swallow it. I have to hold the cum while mistress put the cock mouth gag back in. Then it is back into the wardrobe for me. I haven't said a word. All I had done is be used.

I was having fun with another girl Emma, and she said something wonderful to me - she said I am really good at giving blow jobs. I had to keep stopping as I was making her cum too quick! All I can say to this is 'thank-you' to all the other girls who have trained me in this!!

....basically women dominating sissies!

One day after loads of training, my mistress will have completed her work and she will decide it is time to move onto the next level. So she will dress me nice and sexy....and she will give me to a man! I have never had a man before, so she will be there to give me comfort and encourage me. This is how I will end up....
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