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In the summer before I moved out west to do porn, I was living in New York, bored with life and self-destructing.

At some point during that time, I realized that living in New York during the winter is dumb, and that I needed a big change, so I decided to take a one-way roadtrip to LA.

A friend of mine had just moved back to NY from there, and said she had been hanging out with a bunch of porn people, and that if I was doing well camming, I should try to get into porn.

She said she met a guy, who knew a guy, so she connected me to that guy, and he connected me to the second guy, who was Steven Grooby, and he told me to move to Vegas.

I was like, okay, its not LA but whatever, lets do this, and drove out here, cleaned up my act and shot my first scene.

Ended up getting more and more work and now I have my own website!

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