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Bi Male
International Elite 5* Daniel
Lancaster Gate
City of Westminster UK
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International Elite 5*XL Premium/Qualified masseur

It’s nowadays difficult to find a company that is genuine, discreet, sophisticated with good manners and more than anything TRUSTWORTHY!

This scene has become overpopulated with many so called premiums but with little to nothing to offer.
 As you found me, I want to guarantee and assure you that you will feel safe and be sure you are in for AN AMAZING UNFORGETTABLE TIME. 
I can say it with confidence because this is what I take pleasure in doing and if you appreciate me, I will most definitely appreciate you too.

I am a very extrovert, outgoing, down-to-earth guy who enjoys to connect, meet new people and discover the world. And to give you that little extra, I am also a FULLY CERTIFIED MASSEUR. 
Also, I am sure being XL (well endowed) makes a difference but it is a guy with a brain that counts the most.

I am also a serious, professional and very reliable person. As an undergraduate university student, you have got to be neat. But on the other hand, I do not take life too seriously. I know how and when to have fun and so give it too.
I am Brazilian in origin, but came to live in the U.K with my parents in a young age so I speak English almost natively which will be handy when it comes to interacting and understanding all your needs. 
But I do also speak Spanish and some Czech.

This is little bit about my background so you know who you are investing your money and precious time with as we cannot afford time with trying one and others.

Also, if you are into extra steamy hot fun, Indulge yourself in a hot time with me and my duo partner Gabriel or many other hot guys in town: You will not be disappointed by a session with full connection between us and yourself.
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