Premium Profiles

Here is a detailed summary of our Premium Profiles

Ad-free browsing

You can hide all advertising if you choose, if you find that they annoy you in any way.

Block users

You can block people who annoy you. Simply go to their profile and choose the Block slider.

Advanced Chat

You can set yourself as Invisible so you can only be seen when you type.


Automatically follow-back others. So when a user chooses to follow you, you automatically follow them back.


Automatically accept Friend requests. So when a user requests to be your Friend, you can automatically accept it.

Decline Whispers

Decline whispers from profiles with no image set.

Unlimited Voyeurs

You can view all of your Voyeurs, unlimited!

Premium Searches

Additional Search options. You can also search for users online, or only in the same country as you.

View Followers

See all Followers of all users, so you can then find more profiles who might match your interests.

Extended Lockers

Upload larger files. The upload limit of 250MB is increased to 1.5GB.

GPS Location

Read the GPS location of your chatter, so you can request the user's current location is sent to you (with their permission)

Rename Friends

Rename your Friends Groups so you can give them a fetish name.

Unlimited Messaging

Override the 15-chat limit so you can keep chats with more users without having to remove old ones.

View Sensitive Content

Access adult-flagged content. You can view avatar content flagged as being explicit or adult-sensitive.

Filter Blank Users

Optionally hide blank profiles in searches.

Filter Genders

Hide Genders you don't want to see. So you you do not want to see a specific gender, you can set this.

Get Verified

Upload a verification Image or Video. You can upload an image used for verification.

Good Karma

Support us and feel good inside; every dollar you donate to us goes towards making our service bigger and better.

updated November 14, 2018