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Stop It VanessaFFS

Published on: 29 Sep 2021


Was previously on here as Naughty Nessa, los all my login when PC died.

So here we go once more. More of the same, may even add to this from time to time

Jessie Kitten

Published on: 28 Sep 2021

Being a Good Girl sissy requires Dedication...

I know that a week ago I said that my next article would be on advanced anal play, however I ended up in a rather interesting conversation on here about how a good sissy should be dedicated to being feminine even before she considers looking for a Daddy, Dom or Domme.  You are there to please afterall, and if you take these steps before you start any form of dialog with someone, they are going to be rather impressed and pleased with you.  These are things which by now I take for granted and are a part of my daily/weekly life, however I understand that their might be novice sissies out there which may be a little unsure or looking for some advise, and if you follow the steps below you are much more likely to find what you are looking for as people will know that you are genuine and that you are really dedicated to being a sissy...

Always be Caged and Plugged

There is absolutely no use for your little clitty, so always make sure that it is locked up in a chastity cage and that pussy of yours should always have something inserted inside of it, except for when you need to use the toilet, obviously.  Now I've spoke at great length on the subjects of caging and plugging in past articles below, so please check them out for more information in regards to this.

Be shaved from head to toe and make sure your skin is silky smooth

It goes without saying that a sissy should have absolutely no body hair, with perhaps the exception of a little bitch strip above her caged up clitty.  A good way I find to maintain this, is to take a bath twise a week and use a decent razor.  Make sure the water is warm, not hot as hot water can lead to cracked skin which can lead to problems later on in life.  Start from your ankles and just make your way up your body to your face, making sure not to miss a spot, take your time and check over your skin.  For hard to reach places, such as your back, I would highly recommend Veet hair removal spray.  Always use a moisturiser after you are dry, as it will help maintain the skin and give it that silky smooth glow.

Painted Toe Nails are a must

Those pretty little toes should always be well maintained with nail clippers and a file and then varnished.  While you could spend a small fortune on products for this, all you really need is some nail polish remover (Acetone), some toilet roll and a few cheap bottles of nail varnish.  Plenty of guides exist on how to paint toe nails on youtube and like with everything else, practice makes perfect.  Here is on of my favourite guides on how to paint your toe nails:  

You should change into feminine attire when you get home from work

A lot of us lead normal boring lives in the work place, but when you get in, it should be girl time.  Attire doesn't have to always be super slutty but should always be something involving panties, stockings or tights.  I have a small selection of casual and lounge wear which I can change into once I get in for the night.  Sometimes it may be as simple as pair of women's jeans and a skinny T-shirt or a dress which I can lounge about in and enjoy my evening.

Sleepware should always be feminine

Nighties, babydolls, women's PJs can all be found online and pretty cheaply and are very easy to throw on before you slip into bed.  Remember you should always be caged, plugged and wearing panties while you sleep and on colder nights you can always slip on a pair of stockings too to help keep you warm under the sheets.  This is actually great practice to condition your mind too, as every morning you will wake up feeling feminine and like a girl.

Appropiate attire should be worn for cleaning your home...

This is where you should be bringing out your maid's dress sissy, stockings and a nice pair of heels to wear to clean and look after where ever you live.  A Dom or Domme will at somepoint want to indulge in their sissy maid fantasy and if you use this method to practice, you will not dissapoint them.  Also this is a great way to practice getting used to walking around in your heels, as you will constantly be moving and cleaning.

Eyebrows should be plucked and have a feminine curve to them

Every couple of weeks, I pluck my eyebrows, the only three things you require for this is a piece of string, a pair of tweezers and an eyebrow pencil.  This video will do a far better job of explaining the process than I could ever do, so here is a link:

Exercise and diet are important...

A good sissy should always maintain a good figure that is going to attract men to her so that she can please them.  Now, with exercise here, I'm not talking about going to the gym to do weights and muscle building as a sissy should have no masculine muscle, but rather doing things like Yoga and cardio to keep her slim and trim.   Also I would recommend some face yoga too, as it will make your face begin to look far more feminine and attractive, I highly recommend this youtube channel:

As for diet, try to vastly reduce your sugar intake and foods high in carbohydrate, a fasting diet is a great way for a sissy to stay in shape and is something that I have been on for a while now.  Personally, I needed to lose the lockdown weight gained and am happy to report that 3 months later, I have managed to lose 10kg and am feeling much better and far more confident with my figure.

Train your sissy holes...

When ever you get some free time and are bored, that dildo should be out and you should be practicing your blow job technique, deep throating skills and stretching your pussy with it.  I've already spoke on anal training, but haven't really touched on anything about how to begin to train your mouth to suck cock.  A dildo with a suction cup is ideal for this and one which has balls as they should never be ignored.  Stick the dildo to the wall and get down on your knees, as this will be the position you will most likely be in when he asks you to suck his cock, so you may as well get used to it.  A good sissy should be able to make a man cum without using her hands, so pretend like they don't exist and then take the tip into your mouth and play with it, gently sucking.  Start to gradually take more and more of the dildo into your mouth, rocking your lips back and forth and then gently push it down your throat.  Everyone gags the first few don't worry, but keep on practicing until that gag reflex is gone.


On your days off, get fully Dolled Up!

Pull out all those sexy girl clothes you own, your panties and stockings collection, heels, make up kit and lovely wigs (If you have to maintain short hair for work reasons like me...yeah I hate this but sadly is neccesary.)  And well...just go nuts, put an outfit together for yourself and put it on and practice your make up in front of a mirror.  I will put an article together on how to do convincing sissy make up soon, but for now you are going to need a cheap make up kit, some decent brushes and a good primer.  Go onto youtube and begin to watch make up guides and start taking notes which you can refer to when you are painting your face.  Also, this is a good opportunity for you to paint your finger nails too so that they match your toes, practice will make perfect here.  Don't just sit around your house bored all day, flirt with real men online, wether that be on here or another form of platform, choice is yours.  Perhaps bring the webcam out and start camming for a bit and take some sexy pics and post them on your sissy social media.  Just have a real girly day and enjoy yourself, when you have the confidence you may even want to venture outside your door late at night for a walk...

Well I hope that my fellow sissies can take some advise from this article on how to be dedicated on being a girl and believe me if you start talking to someone on here or another platform and say to them...well I do all of the above as part of my life, they are already going to be impressed with you and are going to know that you are genunine and not a time waster and you are probably going to get that dick that you crave :P 

sissy paul slut

Published on: 28 Sep 2021

very naughty sissy bitch

i luv being a perverted sissy slut