Published on: 14 Sep 2021

The BDSM Community (2021)

This is going to be an interesting, I hope, post with a bit of Dominant mind insight as well as some general experiences I've seen since this year has started. Let me preface this by saying, and any submissive who knows me knows this to be true, I never go out "On the Prowl" looking for a submissive, it isn't my nature or how I am as a Master... I help, I teach, I talk and if a girl comes to me I'm happy to do what I can with her...if we have a connection then we figure that out, but I never go prowling to find a girl to serve me.

Lets start off by saying, 2020 sucked. 2020 changed our world in a way I really see no real way back from, how we all do things have all changed and we, as people, have changed as well.


How has this changed the BDSM community in 2021?


No one in their right minds anymore are going to just randomly meet up with people and even have drawn back from meeting those people that we know and have known for quite some time. Friends in the community that I've had locally have drawn back into their own little fortresses (homes) and don't even have friends over for drinks. Events are canceled left, right, and center...

In short, the community has withdrawn into itself and become a much more 'online' oriented community, which is understandable and fine however it seems like it's opened the floodgates to huge amounts of unwanted intruders into things.

So many subs out there still seem to be thinking in the old terms, "Oh, I'm looking for real time only, nothing online." seems to be a repeated statement I hear from friends looking for girls online yet at the same time none of them have been open to meeting due to the pandemic...

In an era where we should start to see exponential growth in the community where borders and distances don't matter anymore, we're seeing a huge contraction of our community and those established in it seem to be becoming smaller and smaller little islands in the vast sea of emptiness.

Making matters worse, you still have the clueless assholes out there who are abusing and hurting girls for their own enjoyment further driving the community into disarray. In my recent experience, the reoccurring themes are that there seem to be a select number of users out there with multiple accounts leeching onto every new sub that shows up, throwing them in "a collar" and brainwashing them into thinking they are being trained as this person's slaves, that they are the ONLY one they are working with (while they work with 20 others), and use them to get random blog post reports and pictures of girls who really do want to learn with items shoved up their asses because that is supposed to be 'Domination.'

It makes me sick to see this type of thing happen when I know good, honest, and real Dominants who are out there unable to even get the time of day from submissives because they are all 'serving' these wannabies until the asshole gets bored and ghosts them leaving them feeling like they were the failure and withdrawing from the community.


I remember before the world went to shit (pandemic) it would be an average of 3 or 4 submissives per week that would come to me with little questions or even just to chat friendly in a non-BDSM environment, but now a days even those people are 'not allowed' to speak to anyone else by their 'Master' because they 'belong to him.'

It's fucking laughable that we've gotten where we are, that these innocent girls are so manipulated in a way that they are afraid that these fakes will drop them if they talk to someone else when, in reality, the reason they are doing it is because they don't want to be outed as the liars they are.

Our community needs to figure itself out, submissives need to realize at least in the short term and possibly longer we are in an online world now and that is going to be the avenue for training at least for the foreseeable future. Perhaps one day we can all get vaccinated against this and the next version won't hit so quickly as to put us right back where we started, but take advantage of this time to learn, to experience, and to be taught in this different way so you can learn in a safer environment before you're jumping straight back into in-person will save you a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, and it will open your opportunities to Dominants from areas you normally wouldn't have had access to.

The Internet is a wonderful tool, we now use it on a much greater scale for remote working and remote learning....use it to allow yourself to experience another Dominant's way of doing things and see where it goes.

Jessie Kitten

Published on: 14 Sep 2021

Anal/Pussy Training...

So last week, I spoke about chastity cages, see the post below and hopefully I inspired one or two you to purchase and try your 1st cage.

With that little useless clittty now all locked away and forgotten about, today we are going to focus on how a sissy should pleasure herself and prepare for taking real cock from Alpha males, studs and bulls who will want to breed that hot little ass over and over again.  I've had my fair share of mishaps with anal training and this article may include a couple of things to do with "accidents" in that area, my intent is to not disgust but be real about it and how to avoid these accidents from happening to you.

Before we start talking about 10"+ horse cocks from Bad Dragon, we are going to start small, baby steps so to speak to get that little pussy trained to be able to take any cock with ease. Please also note that in no way will I promote drug use, so if you are looking for info on Poppers which are known to relax the anal muscles, you will have to look for that info elsewhere.

With that said, there are going to be a few things that you are going to need to dip your toe into the world of anal play.   The 1st thing I'm going to recommend is a decent water based lubricant.  There are many out there to choose from and the price of products varies massively.  One of my personal favourites is: Lubido Aloe Infused Anal Ease Water Based Lube.  This product is avaliable on amazon and pretty much any sex toy based site and usually retails for about £5 a bottle, one of the best anal lubricants around.

The 2nd thing you're going to need is going to be a douche kit, ensuring that you are fully clean up there before you engage in any form of anal play is good practice, you won't be put off by anything and it is far less likely that any "accidents" will occur when engaging in anal play.     A decent douche that should last you a very long time is about £10, again pretty cheap, unfortunately these kits don't exactly come with instructions, so I'm going to include a brief guide on how to douche as nothing really exsists out there.

1.  Fill your sink with warm water, it's important to use warm water for this process, remember your body temperature is not cold, and you can really hurt yourself if you douche with cold water.

2.  Squeeze the bulb of the douche and place the end of the nozzle into the water, the suction will cause it to fill up.

3.  Apply a little lube to the entrance to your sissy pussy and the nozzle and lay on your back with your legs up, creating a natural slope of your anal tract towards the ground.

4.  Insert the douche and gently squeeze the bulb until it's empty, remove the douche and sit on the toilet, it will all naturally come out.

5.  Squeeze any water that is left in the douche out into the toilet and flush.

5.  Repeat this process until the water is coming out clear, the amount of times you will use it can vary on a number of factors, such as diet, when you last ate and your general well being as a person.

6.  Give the douche a clean by putting some hot soapy water in the sink, fill it again and squirt it out a few times.  Dry it off and put it away, next time it comes to use it, fill it with warm water and squeeze it out to make sure it is throughly clean.

I would not recommend an enema kit for a beginner, things can get horribly messy when using these for the 1st time if you don't know what you are doing and they are not meant for novices, after a while though, you may want to advance to getting one, especially if you are a size queen and are wanting to take massive dildos or cock.  Let me try to explain a little, what the difference between a Douche and an enema is, a douche is designed as a quick clean, it will clean up to the entrance to your rectum (About 5-6" deep in the body depending on the person) an enema will go beyond that, cleaning your colon, but like I said they aren't really for beginners and we will talk more about enema kits in another article.

So, now that we are all clean and that pussy is ripe and ready to take something, where exactly do we begin?  Plugs, Dildos and anal toys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with thousands of various products where do we start?

The 1st thing I would suggest to purchase, would be a set of training plugs.  These come in various materials such as rubber, glass or metal and with a flared base (Always make sure a plug has some form of flared base, tappered are the best and won't irritate you in any way if you are new).  These sets normally cost about £15-20 online and here is an example of a nice set that you can buy:

Start out with the smallest one, get used to it, plugs are a great way to begin to stretch your anal muscles and get them used to having something inserted inside you and the bulb is going to put pressure on your prostate, meaning that you are going to be teased by it everytime you move about or are just randomly sitting.  It goes without saying to always use lube with any form of anal toy.  1st you want to lube up a finger and slip it inside of you, wiggle it about and well...enjoy it, get your depths nice and slick and then lube up the plug and gently insert it into your body.  If you feel any discomfort, remove it and apply a little more lube and try to insert again, until it easily slides in and feels well...good.  Much like my article on chastity training, wear the plug for 1 hour a day at first, then go to 2, then 3 etc until you are a proper little plug slut all day.  A note on sleeping plugged, don't immediately do this, lube tends to dry up which means that the plug can be difficult to remove after long time wear, once you are comfortable enough to do this though, make sure you apply fresh lube before bed.  With your set of three to five plugs, once you are very comfortable wearing the smallest one, move to the next size up and then the next, this will really train your pussy for taking cock as the muscles will get used to stretching around something and this is a great method for you to train to do so.

The other thing you are going to need is a training dildo, this is where the real fun begins so to speak, practing fucking your pussy with a nice rubber cock and believe me, the more you remain locked, the more regularly you are going to do this to get some sexual satisfaction sissy.  Of course dildos come in all kinds of shapes and sizesm different materials etc, the one thing I would highly recommend for a beginner, is to not buy something solid.  Don't start with glass or a hard rubber as this is just going to hurt you more than you are going to enjoy it.  You should probably get something with a suction top too, training your thighs and hips to ride cock is a very important sissy skill as a lot of guys are going to love watching you bounce on their dick. I'd also recommend one with balls, I love the feeling on them slapping against me while I play and give me something to grip when I'm fucking myself with my toy.  Sadly the training dildo which I bought is no longer avaliable, but their are plenty of products out there to buy, if you need more advise you can always DM me.  Start out with something about 6" in length, has a nice girth to it and the rubber can be lightly squeezed in your hand and then bounces back when you let go.  Again, be sure to use plenty of lubricant when engaging in any form of play, use a couple of fingers first and then coat the dildo in a nice layer of lube.  Find a position that you are comfortable with, this is very important and is going to vary from person to person, personally I love putting myself in a "Mating Press" position, laying on my back, with my butt high up and my thighs tucked to my chest. this means my palm can wrap around the base of the dildo and the suction cup and I can fuck myself to heaven.  Find what works for you, what you get the most pleasure from and what is going to end up making that little locked up clitty leak and dribble...

We will discuss more "Advanced" anal toys in a future article, I will try to cover inflatable plugs, big glass plugs, tail plugs if you want to engage with your "Pet" kink, fuck machines, bigger dildos and lovense toys.  For now though sissy, that should be enough for you to be getting on with...I hope that this article helped  x

sophie sissymaid

Published on: 14 Sep 2021

Sophie's Stories

Have a read of my original short stories at,

Nura Sweet

Published on: 10 Sep 2021


I need to fuck something...I was already in my mother-in-law's night dress it's only knee-high, black, with padded breast plates and thin shoulder straps...
my blonde bob-cut hair so fine and combed to barely hiding my right eye with a gorgeous diagonal fringe.
Lips maroon from her makeup-set, I could taste her own lips on mine.
Black pantyhose and black 5inch heels that can easily stab any man's heart just by looking at them. it also has a thin line of glass-diamonds on the outside from front to back...I just felt sooo alive and hot and pretty and ready for a fiery sexual night with not just one, but ten men! Even though am straight, the thought was dauntingly turning me on!  I just needed something to bury my...-rustling sounds coming from downstairs-

no no no no! not nowwwwww!!!! I ran to the guest room where my wife and I live, I mean we’ve only been married 2 months, am 26 she's 24...mother in low insisted we live with her, until we can get on our own 4 feet.
but I've been cheating on my wife regularly, with female self, I mean, I would have married Janet if that made sense at all, albeit legal! I've met Janet since I was in 3rd or 4th year school, and I love her to bits...but I was also straight as an arrow, I don't get turned on by men at all, the exciting thoughts might, but generally men bodies disgust me, except for their dicks, Janet doesn't even like me because am a guy...urghhh, what am I thinking! my head hurts, I need to hide!!!
just as I started taking off my wig, she opened the door...
My mother-in-law just opened the fuckin door, and here's me in drag, with my actual hair, I don't even fuckin look good anymore!
"Finally, I caught you" she startled me with a smirk!
"What?! No, I was, I just...wait, WHAT?!!" I couldn't process this moment.
"I knew you cross-dressed behind our backs, I just had to catch you in the act." she said.
"and damn do you look pretty, it's true what they say, young boys ALWAYS pass for pretty girls!" she continued.
"please don't tell Lauren please! she won't understand!!" I pleaded.
"Babe, who do you think told me to get my ass here" she said in a villainous tone.
"WHAT?! SHE KNOWS?!" I screamed bloody murder!
"Yes yes yes, everybody knows, your parents, your friends" We just knew you would feel embarrassed and annoyed, so we had to take it slow and calculated" she explained quite calmly.
"THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF CALCULATED?! EVERYBODY KNOWS I CROSSDRESS?!" I started to mumble and thinking in my head so fast not noticing one clear free!!! my earrings swinging as I shook my head clear.
"Well, they wanted to take it slow, I just wanted you to find out so I could start teasing you" she said and sounding seductive!
She grabbed my balls from over the dress "I gotta say, you gonna keep that dress, coz its made for you! and wear the wig.

"What are you doing?!" feeling and looking confused....

“Taking off my shorts”, when she did that, she revealed a massive limp dick, she threw her short shorts against my face, now I had my wig and her shorts in my hands…

She approached me and said “I reallllly want to fuck you Reed!”.

My mother-in-law, is so hot, she works out, so she has a round yet muscle-toned butt, grabbing it feels grabbing a strong balloon filled with water.

She is so pretty, and her makeup is pretty well done, blonde in a horse tail, her tits are like her butt, muscle-toned, strong and appears fake, but can’t really tell for sure.

She was wearing a training bra, the shorts, which are now in my hands, her thighs are tanned and thick stretching down to a pair of cute small white socks and trainers.

She took my wig and put it over my head, looking at it adjusting it, from my shock I kept holding her shorts in my hand, I was now limp from the fright of everybody knowing, but her dick is starting to spasm and grow in front of my eyes.

“so you’re looking at my dick, wanna suck my cock…Janet?!” she said still adjusting little hairs on my wig.

“erm…no, I don’t…I mean, I can’t, it’s just…wait, what did you say? How did you know that name?” I freaked out

“Shhhhhhhhhh, she moved her hips and basically placed her dick over my lower lip, thrusting forward a bit, nothing happened, except her dick expanded a little, she did it again, my lips now parted, and again, until she had the erection of a Norse Deity, it over casted a shadow over my face.

“Don’t be startled baby” most boys can take my dick in their sweet little mouths. “Open your mouth and lets make you one of my sissy boys”. So, I did, but Just before she thrusted her dick inside me, I looked up to her eyes, and put her shorts on my face, not really blocking her dick, but her dick rather fucked the shorts and then into my mouth, it was dry, but my saliva quickly started to moisten the shorts and my mouth as well.

“Tut, tut, tut…I thought you were better than this boi” she grabbed my well placed wig-hair, took off her shorts from my mouth, and threw it on my lip underneath her. “Masturbate with my shorts sissy bitch”.
and so the torture started.

I put her lingerie up, revealing her satin black panties, she says “Pathetic little whore thief”

I take off the front of the panties, then with the shorts, my hand hugged my dick through the shorts, my dick is now big, but not as big as her…I can’t believe am going to be fucked by a real futanari, How did I not know this…

She looked down at me masturbating, making sure am ready to get fucked. She then slapped my face with her dick, in every possible inch, I secretly loved how she rubs her dick against the side of my nose and over my eyes, then into my mouth, then back over my eyes, messing up my pretty makeup.

“You know, everyone is dying to fuck you, even your mom, they all want to impregnate the living shit out of you, and when you married, they thought it was never going to happen” but here we are, sucking your own wife’s mother’s cock!”

Her words felt glass, it was meant to tease and hurt, but you can’t stop thinking how transparent and clean the meaning is on the other side.

Still masturbating my dick with her shorts as I suck her dick, while she fucks my face in return, feeling her dick spasm once, twice, three times, and I feel a hot silky liquid ricocheting against the ceiling of my mouth and the walls of my throat, she pulled her cock out and kept Cumming over my face, two three shots that formed lines across my face, waking up from my daydreaming, I darted back so she can fuck my face faster, the shorts came off my hand and started to cum, the shots went soo high between  our faces, only to land back either on my hair, face or chin thrusting the air as I shoot another load of cum in the sky landing on the top of my silky black night gown…

“Looks like we have a sissy slut whore cumdump in the family” welcome to the family whore!

I fell back, in my black dress stockings and heels, blonde hair, messy makeup and semen all over my face, neck and top of my dress….I smile.

Pooja Sharma

Published on: 10 Sep 2021

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