Published on: 12 Oct 2021

Great to be back...

Well its been a while since I have seen my its lovely to be back.  New location, new chambers and absolutely delighted to meet and see some lovely boys for some kinky fun and games.  Very much geared up for the enthusiast but happy to take newbies or ad-hoc visitors who want to give things a try.  Full range of interests catered for and my own Mistress (female) is keen for us to set up a sissy school...

Oh what fun...x


Published on: 10 Oct 2021

Bruna and Leona Mistress and dominatrix in Central London

Bruna & Leona 
Mistress dominatrix touring now in London!! 
If you like domination your on the right profile!! Book party sessions and  long sessions for a better experience!  
We are both professionals with lots of experience
Pain is pleasure
Double trouble 👿 
Double penetration 🍆
Double punishment ⛓ 
Book now!!


Published on: 07 Oct 2021

Birmingham Escorts

Have you been looking for Birmingham escorts? If yes, you should look for an agency before anything else. You will get them from an agency with the best deal. Whenever you seek something different, they can blow your mind and make you the happiest. You should not hold yourself back, but hire them right away! 


Published on: 06 Oct 2021

Virtual World

Don't always get the chance to indulge in what I want with limited privacy, Yes this isn't for everyone but I find calm in being able to escape from the real world and dive into an online virtual world where I have a lot more freedom, Share good times and make great friends, I'm talking about 3DXChat, For myself and others this is a grwat oppertunity to share experiences and gain new ones. And sometimes a little long distance role play is just easier when you can act out the motions with your virtual self.

corset jane uk

Published on: 05 Oct 2021

Horny Sissy thoughts...

Last night i sat in my hotel bar wishing i was dressed and entertaining a man. i was messaging my Master as i sipped my wine and letting him know how i felt. He understands me totally and can see right through me and has guided / trained me to think completely 180 degrees away from where i would have been years ago. He knows which buttons to press and knows more about me probably than i really know about myself at this moment in time..and opens up another door almost every time we chat. He has got me to day-dreaming of serving cock... i imagine the porter who took my bags... the waiter who brought my wine....the man who sat just across from me with the nice smile and obvious bulge in his trousers, as potential challenges... potential clients...potential lovers.. who i so want to please....

By the time i went to sleep later, i had already shed my boring male clothes and slipped a little jewelled plug in, plucked my eyebrows and the few annoying pubic hairs that had popped up from the last epilation and IPL treatment, sprayed myself with a nice perfume and slipped on a pink diaphenous nightie. i felt content. i couldnt help putting on the two nipple suckers ("SuppleNips") before i slipped off as they ensure that i wake up with fully engorged hard nipples which always makes me feel particularly horny and femme. 

In my dreamy state i watched a little vid of a BBC slipping into a gurl whilst she sucked on a hard white cock. i wanted to be her....... 

(sadly i cant remember the dream i had - isnt that always frustrating!!)