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Jacqui n

Published on: 27 Jul 2020

Another first.

Following on from the last post, it jogged my memory of another university incident and set me thinking.

My third year at university was pretty much a blur - lots of work, lots of late nights revising and finishing essays, but it started relatively slowly.  We were told that we had to find a place of our own, and I ended up sharing a 4 bed house with 2 girls and 1 other guy.  One of the girls was Mary, who I had my first bi experience with (last post).

This part is a little hazy, bearing in mind it was probably over 25 years ago and, well, you know what goes on at university.  I do remember that it was a Saturday Afternoon, and the others in the house had gone home for the weekend, leaving me and Mary attempting to tackle the mountain of work that was the kitchen.  We were chatting, and I mentioned what happened after the threesome.  As we finished, she asked me if I wanted to try something different.  I said that I had an open mind, so she told me to follow her to her room.

Once there, she picked a couple of tops and a skirt out of her wardrobe and told me to try them on.  One of the tops fit quite well, and I slipped into the skirt.  She then sat me down and proceeded to make me up.  It wasn't anything much - eye shadow, mascara and some bright pink lipstick and nail polish, but it was enough to make me look not like me.

She told me to go back downstairs and wait.  A few moments later she came downstairs in a leather outfit with a large dildo strapped to it.  The rest of the day was spent playing, expanding horizons and her teaching me things I never thought I'd need to know.

She treated me like her little sissy, and I got my first taste of something large fucking me as her hard dildo slid in and out of me.  I got spanked, paddled, and teased until she said I had been good enough, and started to suck me, before I fucked her.  She did insist that after I came, I needed to taste my own, so after shooting my load over her face, she insisted on more kissing and me licking my own cum off her and swallowing it.

We woke up the next morning in the same bed, very happy with ourselves.

Bi Ts Lover

Published on: 27 Jul 2020

Fetish Club Cuckold

Kate & I had gone to a fetish club for the evening. Dress code for the evening was fetish wear, ie; leather, rubber, latex, etc. We chose our outfits before going & packed them in a bag to change in to on arrival. Mine was a leather chest harness, leather chaps, collar, leash, hood & cock cage. Kate chose a leather slave girl harness, which was open around her boobs & also around her pussy & ass. Kate also added hold up stockings, thigh boots & a cat mask. 

We arrived at the club & made our way to the locker room. It was mixed changing, after all, we were all there for the same thing. We changed in to our outfits & locked our normal clothes away. Before heading to the play rooms, Kate took my cage & put it on me, squeezing my balls through the ring & slipping the cage over my swelling cock. She locked it in place with the padlock & put the key, on a chain, around her neck. Kate took hold of my leash & led me in to the play room area.

We made our way to 1 of the smaller dungeon play rooms. Inside was a St Andrews Cross, a bondage bench & a large double bed, which had a rubber sheet on it. Kate led me to the cross, raised my arms & locked me in the attached wrist cuffs. Then she knelt down, pushed my legs apart, & just like my wrists, locked my ankles in to the attached cuffs. Kate stood up, &, while toying with my caged cock, kissed me & said, now for some fun. With that, she walked to the door, opened it & left. I was cuffed to the cross wondering where she had gone & what was she doing.

It must have been several minutes before I heard footsteps approaching, then the door opening. I watched as Kate walked in but what she was doing stunned me. She was holding on to a guy by his extremely large, erect cock & leading him in to the room. The guy also had a hood on but apart from that, he was completely naked. He saw me cuffed to the cross & asked who I was. Kate just said, oh that's my husband, he's going to watch you fuck me. 

With that, Kate stood him in front of me, side on so I could see the full length of his cock, squatted down &, looking at me, started stroking his cock. As she did she said to me, look at this big cock, look how hard it is, this cock is hard for me, it's going to fuck me in every hole, you are going to watch every second of it, enjoy it &, if you are a good boy, you can lick his cum off me. Kate then started licking his cock while holding it by the base.

She licked all around the head, flicking her tongue in to his pee hole then sucking just the tip. As she did, she wanked him slowly, she didn't want him to cum too soon. I was secretly hoping I didn't cum in my cage. I watched as, again, Kate held his cock by the base & slid her mouth over his cock & down the shaft, taking as much as she could before sliding her mouth back up to the tip. Kate did this slowly for a few times then sped up, giving him a wet, sloppy blowjob, I'm sure the moans from her were to tease me.

After several minutes of sucking him, Kate stopped, stood up & told the guy to stay where he was but stroke his cock to keep it hard. She came over to where I was on the cross, bent down & uncuffed my ankles, then reached up & uncuffed my wrists, then slowly lowered my arms so the blood could go back to my hands gradually. She kissed me at this point & I could taste the other guys cock on her mouth, this excited me, making my caged cock twitch.

Kate then took hold of my leash & led me to the bed & pushed me on to my back. With in seconds, I felt my wrists being cuffed again, I did not know these were on the bed but, being a fetish club, it was pretty obvious really. Kate then stretched my legs out & apart before cuffing my ankles to the bed too. So there I was, spreadeagled & cuffed to the bed, wondering what was next.

Kate got on the bed next to me & called the guy over. He knelt on the bed, next to my head. Kate took hold of his cock & with it near my face, leant over me & started noisily sucking him again. Every few sucks, she'd stop, kiss me & drip her spit in my mouth, I could taste his pre-cum on her & could smell his sweat he was that close. Kate then rose up, slipped a condom on the guy, xl size of course, turned & squatted over me in the 69 position. She lowered her pussy to my mouth & told me to lick her clit. As I began to lick, her hand reached back, took hold of the guys cock & pulled him to her pussy. He put the tip in & Kate pushed back, taking him all the way in. He started fucking her slowly as I carried on licking her clit.

Kate then told me to lick his cock as he fucked her & lick his balls when he was fully in her. I complied as best I could, it was difficult but I managed to keep my tongue on his cock. I got more difficult as the speed of their fucking increased until I eventually left my tongue stick out & his cock run over it as he fucked her hard. Kate was screaming & cumming so hard as he fucked her. His big cock doing what it was meant to do.

Pretty soon, Kate told him to stop & pull out. As he did, she sank her pussy on my mouth & told me to lick her good. As I did, Kate reached back, took his cock & put it at her ass. He needed no other invite & pushed his cock in her ass, to the balls. Instantly, Kate cum in floods in my mouth. I heard Kate tell him to fuck her ass hard & her husband loves watching it. He began pounding her ass, every in stroke making Kate cum, over & over, every out stroke her cum flooding over my face.

After a few minutes of intense ass-fucking, I heard Kate tell him to pull out & cum on her ass. As he pulled out, Kate reached back & pulled my head in to her pussy. I could see him wanking hard, the head of his cock by her gaping hole. Kate told him to cum on her hole, her cuck bitch is going to get a treat. With that, he came in spurts on her ass, on her ass cheeks, her hole, some on her pussy lips. He squeezed the last drops out, which dripped on my mouth. Kate told him to watch as I licked every last bit of his cum from her.

As I was licking his cum from Kate's ass, I could feel my cage being removed. This made me lick harder & faster. I could feel the blood flowing in my cock again. I felt a hand start stroking me to hardness, I knew it was Kate, the guy was still watching me lick my wife clean. I heard Kate say to him, watch this now, he fucking loves it. With that, Kate started sucking my cock. It wasn't long before I started cumming, obviously in her mouth as she had stifled moans. 

I stopped cumming & felt my cock go free, it flopped on my stomach, I could feel dribbles of cum run out. Kate got up, turned round & leaned over me. She held my chin & forehead, pulling my mouth open. I looked in her eyes & saw a little twinkle as her mouth opened & she dripped my cum in to my mouth, telling me not to swallow yet.  She leaned in closer, licked her lips & spat the last drop in my mouth. She closed my mouth & told me to swallow. I had no choice & swallowed, both Kate & the guy watching me. Kate then leaned in kissed me & said to the guy, told you he was a good slut for his wife.

With that, he left & Kate uncuffed me, helping me up she asked if I was ok. I said, yes, of course, it was amazing. We then left the room to clean up before watching some of the other play taking place in the club.


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into my Tartan Pleat Skirts at the moment, wanted to avoid the original classic design of 'Red and Black' but i do have a lovely pair of Red and Black Mary Jane's that would compliment. possibly an impulse that i now need to break my rule and buy a 'Red and Black' tartan pleat

Rebecca Mackenzie

Published on: 25 Jul 2020

Funny But Never Approriate

A brunette that had been married about a year,
One day she came running up to her husband, jumping for joy
He didn't know how to react
So he started jumping up and down along with her

"Why are we so happy?" he asked
She said, "Honey, I have some really great news for you!"
"Great" he said, "tell me what you're so happy about"
She stopped, breathless from all the jumping up and down
"I'm pregnant!" she gasped

The husband was ecstatic as they had been trying for quite a while
He grabbed her, and kissed her
"Wow, that is wonderful," "I couldn't be happier"

Then she said, "Oh, honey there's more"
"What do you mean more?", he asked
"Well we are not having just one baby, we are going to have TWINS!"

He was amazed at how she could know so soon after getting pregnant

"How do you know that," he asked

"It was easy," she said
"I went to the pharmacy and bought the 2 pack home pregnancy test kit"
"Both tests came out positive!"