Kristie Kim

Published on: 26 Jul 2021

Artist / Kristie Kim - Design Owner at POSHMARK

Kristie Kim Design is a multimedia company that offers one-of-a-kind graphic design services as well as entertainment and marketing collaborations. We offer a wide range of products on everything from clothing to accessories that suits your budget. Kristie Kim Designs are everyday items that mix in seamlessly with the rest of your outfit. Choosing the right piece of clothes shouldn't be difficult; you may discover a one-of-a-kind outfit that others will admire, as well as the most recent runway trends.


Published on: 25 Jul 2021

Trans lover

Looking for trans girls to have fun with and teach me how to satisfy you in every possible way. 

slut andrea

Published on: 25 Jul 2021

White sissy needing Black Master

Well what can be said about the title 

I am a white submissive sissy slut that has a craving for a regular black Master to use and abuse me someone to reinforce that I am nothing more than a plaything for 


Published on: 25 Jul 2021

Meeting in France

I'm in France for the whole of August in the north Dordogne Riberac area anyone want to meet. to arrange xx

Nura Sweet

Published on: 25 Jul 2021

My first boyfriend! (Crossdressing and gendeerbender softcore)

I went into my my sister's room to wear her black stockings and heels, we were both chubby and thick back when we were teenagers, I tugged my little penis under my hairless yet thick balls in one of her black white panties, I hadn't cum as we've been very busy with guests coming over all the time to congratulate my sister on an early engagement, until a family came that had no one my age so I told my mom I was gonna go and play games in my room (Which was also my sis's room)
So after I wore her stockings and heels I began to model and walk, and turn around making myself feel as feminine as I could, twirling around myself, with my boyish hair twirl, and I thought that skirts also twirl, so I wore one of her highschool short skirts - OMG it looked sooo adorable, and I also decided to complete the look with a nice white top, I tried one but it was too loose, I filled it with some socks as breasts, but it didnt look good at all.
I kept looking for smaller sizes, until I found a bag that said "old clothes" - bingo! I didn't find a white top but found a pink one, I put it on, rushed to the mirror and wow! it looks soo good, even without having any boobs! well, 2 short half spheres with erect nipples on them, it just looked so fit and right!
I kept on dancing smoothly, while looking at the mirror, my member noticing the changes, and starting to pulsate...
I looked into the mirror again, and something was missing...can't put my finger on it, and started to touch my cheeks, nose and mouth, I licked the tip of my forefinger for some reason, I don't get it. I looked at my sis' table and saw all kinds of makeup and perfumes and a few shades of eyes froze on this deep red luscious lipstick, that my mind wandered..."What am I thinking?! am I really becoming...a girl? thinking about colouring my lips? this is a very big step, Do I want to do this?!" my heart skipped a couple of beats only to return to reality, my member spasmsing every few seconds, i finally approached and held the lipstick in my hand. its so small, how can it feel so intimidating and powerful? what am I saying? how do I know these words?!"
I twisted and opened the cover...I looked into the mirror, pointed the barely touched bullet-like lipstick infront of my lips, and my top lip touched the tip of the lipstick. never have I ever heard my heart beat so loudly against my ears, my cheast vibrating with every beat...
I finally drew a line across my upper lip to the left, then to the right, smiled for a moment, and then the bottom lips, right and left...after that I automatically pressed both lips against each other, why did I do that? and how...remembering seeing my sister and mother do this, it was in my nature, it came so swiftly and normally. probably to make the look natural or thicker? I don't know...
Surprisingly there was this very awkward girl looking back at me in the mirror, but she wasn't satisfied.
I looked at a magazine on the dressing table and noticed aoman with pink cheeks in one of the pages, which is applied by blush,
Looking for something called blush on the table, but I didn't know what am looking for, so I grabbed the same lips tick and rubbed very little against my cheeks...and spread it out...WOW!!! what a difference! it just works! but I fealt sooo hot by that time, like my face was on fire! and started to penis calmed down and went soft.
I opened the fan to cool down, I grabbed my phone and started to take pictures while posing, making kissy and winky faces, when the door opened and my younger brother stepped in...
"OH NO, WAIT, DON'T LOOK!!" my heart started beating again like a drum, but it was faster than being right next to my ears, it was also too late, I was posing at the bed which was right across from the door, so he so me exactly they way I was in, black heels, black shiny stocking, black tartan mini skirt and a pink short top with makeup on, taking selfies.
"Brother? what are you doing? are you a girl? I thought you were a boy..." he asked.
"No, I am, I am a boy, am just trying something, please don't tell mom and dad, specially sis". I pleaded
"Why? what's wrong with it? you don't like to be a girl?
"No I do, I mean I don't" I had no idea how to defend myself, or even talk anymore...
"Its ok, you look very pretty" my brother said.
"What? really?"
"Yeah, I sometimes fap thinking about you, even without looking like this" he said
"What? you know how to do that?"
"Yeah I saw you do it when you were in bed long ago"
"but its bad, we shouldn't do it"
"No, it's makes me happy"
My heart beats slowing down...
"you really fap to me?"
"yeah, you're so beautiful and I love you brother"
"hmmmm...can you call me sis?" I asked looking down ashamed...
my brother smiles and says "Ofcourse, I love to have 2 sisters"
"OK, what do you want to do now?"
"I don't know, do you want to see mine?"
"yeah sure!"
he undressed his shorts and top to show a soft small penis
"awww, so cute..."
I then undress my skirt, and take out my penis from the silk panties they were hiding in, we were both soft, but soon after we saw each other, things changed, we were both harder than steel, and as the passion, attraction and something else that fealt sexually arousing built up inside both of us like fire, we got closer and closer to each other, until we touched each other's dicks and started to rub each other softly and slowly, I looked into his eyes as he was moaning, I landed my lips against his, now I didn't anticipate he would know how to kiss, but we surprised each other as we sucked on each other's lips and tongues, simultaniously giving each other a handjob, moaning into each other's mouths like our lives depended on it...
" going to cum, I haven't cum in 3 days!!" he says.
"Me too, I havent' cum in a week, and am soo close"
then each of us grabbed his own cock to regain balance, and kept fapping against each other while still kissing and touching each other's bodies with the free hand...until we came against each other's bodies, my cum splashed against his smooth hairless stomach, penis, balls, and bed. His cock sent a flurry of sparkling white ribbons  to the upper part of my partially undressed pink top, my neck, chin, mouth and cheeks.

"I love you baby brother..."

"I love you so much sis, let's do it again"

Yes we will