Published on: 22 May 2020

get me more famous

my wish is to get me more famous, its a real fantasy to walk somewhere, and people recognize me from my naked body on the net.


Published on: 19 May 2020

Asda girl

Driving to the woods I felt so pretty and feminine. With a dark brown bob wig, dangly clip on ear rings and red lipstick, I couldn't help smiling as I watched myself in the mirror of the sunshade. While I wasn't going to win a beauty contest, my white summer dress with pink poladots looked so pretty, and the feel of the black lace topped holdups rubbing together made it hard to work the pedals in my strappy pink block heeled sandals. I could feel the cheap white bra squeezing me and my 36B homemade boobs shuddered as I drove down the bumpy lane to the car park.

There were 4 empty cars in the little car park and I didn't waste any time reading my copy of Fiesta this time. Locking up the car I tottered into the woods and soon found myself in a copse of trees where 3 middle aged men were smoking and stroking their cocks.

I always try to put on a good show and raising my dress and doing a twirl, my cock was already erect and soaking my white cotton knickers with sissy pre-cum.

The older of the group sank to his knees and started slurping on my cock like a lollypop. The other two stood side by side, running their hands over my pantied bottom as I held their throbbing cocks open handed, imagining the scene depicted in the pages of a european glossy porn mag. My wildest fantasies coming true as I rocked gently on my heels, sliding my cock into a moustachioud mouth and presenting a cock in each hand for my imaginary readers.

In my best girly voice, I asked then men beside me to pull my knickers down a little and free my aching balls. As they hooked their willing fingers into the elastic and pulled my knickers down, i felt so sophisticated and in control. Your perfect naughty housewife.

But when the man on my left pulled at the label on my knickers and said those unforgettable words, I couldn't hold back any longer....

...."size 10, Entice for George. Looks like we've got an Asda girl!".

With that i fired my sissy load and fell to my knees with my cock bobbing on my furled up knickers.

They took turns stuffing their cocks in my mouth, crowding me and cumming over my pretty dress, pulling open the buttons and coating my pretty white bra.

Even with my sissy cock deflating and my knickers soaked in my own cum, I couldn't help but suck them all to fruition, there amongst the fag buts, tissues and litter in that little copse of trees.

I guess I really am an Asda girl.

- Lynda

Luana Caprice Marlene

Published on: 18 May 2020


A flower in the mouth can be useful
I wouldn't swear
But where do you fly butterfly
Can't you see ? ... I'm here ...
Like a flower, like a lawn
If I were you I would lean
To tell me for example
How you live .
You could tell me little sister
What do you believe in
What do you hope, what do you dream
When you grow up what you will do .
If you get stuck against the wind
Or push as hard as you can ...
What a fear some nights ...
You never feel alone
So alone from
not to be able to... ?
For you between joy and pain
What's the difference?
Or you never think about it ?
Sex is a problem
Or not ?
You look free and happy and ...
Sometimes you cry a little
It is said around ... Butterfly you don't have a soul
And how do you do baby
To say yes or no?
Don't think  I am crazy
If I'm talking to you...
It's just that ... I'm just a little sister
So too lonely that
I need affection...
Keep me with you for today ...
I need you too
I need love
And something that is not there ...

suzie sussex

Published on: 17 May 2020

Lockdown me


Still in lockdown so not a lot to report as I'm not haveing adventures in Brighton at weekends.

So I thought I'd report on my online adventures, if you can call them that, obviously I've been online more and in the chat rooms and what I have discovered is a lot of mens misunderstanding of us girls/ladies whatever.....

Most men seem to think I'm a man who wants sex in a dress....WRONG!....I guess they do exist but thant's now me, I present as female and live my life pretty much as a trans female, I don't exist for sex much as I like sex It's not the reasone I wear a dress or skirt, it's a case of feeling more natural and yes sexy, but I'm not desperate for sex.....

Like any woman I love to dress up in something girly and feminine and be talken out on a mans arm to be shown off.....

Just as an example I had this in a message the other day:

Him: "Wanna make me cum?"

Me: "want to buy me shoes?"

Him:" You can buy your own shoes"

Me:" You can make yourself cum"

Moral of this storey: I'm not here for men get off on like any woman I like to be treated with respect and recieve the odd present every so often and flowers would be nice....

Here endeth the lesson

Ta ta darlinks........XXX

Dennise TS

Published on: 17 May 2020

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