Published on: 25 Sep 2021

Call Me Stupid

I have a HUGE. HUGE. HUGE. 

Wardrobe.. and it is ram jam packed full of beautiful stylish idiosyncratic clothes across a wide spectrum of tastes, textures, materials, designs and styles.

As huge as it also is my lingerie exotica crates.. crates of chichi nonsene spanning every conceivable kink and provocation pales in insignificance to the larger cupboards of heavyweight designer frufru..

And yet is there a single picture of a dress or skirt here? Do I wear dresses or skirts or catsuits or onesies at transtype clubs and events? No just lingerie.. see my video feed.. that is not me in a club.. that is how I arrived!

Yes I wear my fab gear everywhere else.. and never lingerie but here.. where I assumed I might speak directly to like minded spirits.. free from the earthly bonds of polite society.. closer to the fine grained skin of truth itself.. no never.

I assumed that showing your body ..digging down to as close to my selfie surface is revealing the core indispensable undeniable me.. the bit most women want to hide because 'no one looks good naked..' Well I do.


Call me stupid .. I assumed such bone hard honesty would ellicit or snake charm the hardest heart to speak earnestly and honestly and warmly and as directly.. back. Heart to heart.. skin to skin.

Yes. Call me stupid. I was totally.. nakedly.. wrong.


Published on: 23 Sep 2021


Another great day at quest in Leeds. Lovely to meet Mel again and nice to see stu and Fabio too.  Can't wait till the next time...

Demi d

Published on: 23 Sep 2021

Demi does Dallas

Just a small time girl hoping to make it to the big time x


Published on: 23 Sep 2021

Quest today

Planning on visiting quest in Leeds today.  Hope its as good as last time.



Published on: 22 Sep 2021

Having a daddy-dom

I NEVER thought I would be someone to have a daddy. To give myself completely over to him. But once my daddy found me, it was just so easy. I am so content to be his little princess, his slut, his sissy gurl. Daddy has helped me become a new sissygirl who is much more of a rounded person that the slut I was. I cast away old names, the need to too many anonymous hook ups and focused on pleasing him. But he cares for me, and really looks after me, and it is a pleasure to be his. This isn't about transactional arangments. It's love. Maybe not deepest, darkest love, but I do love my daddy, as he loves me. I'm so hopefull about the next few months and how this develops. xxx