Published on: 21 Jan 2020

Chat with Me!!

I had a great afternoon playing and chatting on chaturbate.

Everyone was so nice and i had so much fun performing to an audience.



Published on: 19 Jan 2020


Looking for a meet at my place just now xx

Linda Star

Published on: 18 Jan 2020

What is involved in Incall Latin Tantra Massage?

Hello gentlemen, once your booking is  confirmed, that I wait for the maximum 30 minutes in the pleasure area, on time and ready to give you one of the best experiences you can imagine. I`m a Trans-girl here at Latin massage are highly trained & skilled having developed my amazing skills over time, I wouldn`t them otherwise. Se habla Espanol.


Published on: 17 Jan 2020


Status, sex and gender

The faggot is a slave. The faggot is the property of Master. As it is Owned by Master it is livestock, it is not a person.
Because it is inferior and because it is property its sex is "faggot" not male. it never has been and never could be a "Man".
It pleases Master to have His slave property present as a sissy, therefore it's gender is "sissy".
In full: slave livestock, faggot sissy, property of Master .
Master shall assign the faggot slave a name. The slave will always answer to whatever it's current assigned name is. The assigned name may be changed at any time. Assigned names should usually be humiliating and degrading.


The slave faggot shall be shorn of all hair and shall maintain itself in a totally hairless state at all times.
The slave faggot shall be collared at all times to mark it as property. Only Master may collar or uncollar the slave faggot.
Master may have the slave faggot tattooed with His Master's Marque. The Marque may include the word "slave" and the slave faggot's slave registration number. The Marque may be repeated in various places on the slave faggots body.


The faggot slave shall at all times be dressed in nylon or other synthetic materials. It is absolutely forbidden for the faggot slave to wear cotton, wool, linen, silk or leather which are reserved for people.

(1) In private

The faggot shall always be dressed as a sissy maid.
Suspender belt, stockings, nylon bloomers, nylon blouse, nylon day uniform dress or satin evening uniform dress.
Optional: a plug in its faggot pussy, nappy and plastic pants, corset, various items of work-wear as its tasks require.
Optionally the faggot slave may wear a cheap wig.
The faggot's nails shall be trimmed short suitable for a menial slave and painted whore-red.
For convenience a leash shall usually be attached to the faggot-slave's collar.
For sleeping it shall have a selection of nylon nightgowns in appropriate sissy colours.

(2) In public

The faggots attire shall clearly mark it as an inferior and a servant.
Nappy and plastic pants. Nylon shirt, second hand (charity shop) polyester suit and tie, nylon socks, plastic shoes.
The faggot slave's collar may be discretely hidden or on full display as Master pleases. The faggot slave may be leashed as Master Pleases.

Speech restriction

To acknowledge an order the faggot shall say "Yes Master". Otherwise it shall not speak unless directly addressed an an answer is required.
If the faggot thinks it needs to speak it must first beg permission to do so.
The faggot is 'it'. The faggot shall never use the pronouns 'I', 'me', 'my' or 'mine'. If required to refer to itself the faggot shall use the name assigned to it or phrases such as "this faggot", "Your slave" etc. The faggot's identity is being the property of its Owner.
The faggot shall address its Owner as 'Master' and all other Persons a 'Sir' or 'Ma'am' unless otherwise instructed.


The faggot slave shall be trained to move gracefully, to be a pleasing ornament in Master's home.
The faggot will be hobbled with a short chain, not more then 9 inches, between its ankles, so it can only take mincing sissy-faggot steps.
When the faggot slave enters Master's presence it must do so on its knees. If Master or another Person enters the room where the faggot is working the faggot shall immediate kneel, bow its head to the floor and remain so until either given orders or the Master leaves.
The faggot shall never use the furniture unless ordered by its Master.

Food and Drink

The slave may drink water from an animal bowl on the kitchen floor. If it is given other drinks, tea, coffee, milk, juice etc, is shall only be from Master's hand via a bottle or sippy cup. The faggot shall never use Master's cups or glasses. The faggot shall never be given alcohol.
Faggot shall be fed once a day with the scraps from Master's meals bulked with pre-cooked gruel, boiled vegetables and protein bars processed to a mush. It will be kept on a near starvation ration not to exceed 1,200 calories per day. The faggot will eat from a dog's bowl on the kitchen floor or alternatively may be hand fed by its Master. Work and diet combined with control corsets will give the faggot a sissy-thin waist.
A B-complex vitamin shall be administered. Antiandrogens may be used to make the slave impotent. Estrogen may be used to produce gynecomastia for sissy tits. All medicines shall be forcibly administered to ensure Master retains full control of dosage and frequency.
Voiding: if nappied the faggot will keep its nappy wet and its bladder empty. If not nappied the faggot may empty its bladder on all fours over an outside drain.


When not working or in use the faggot slave shall be kept chained or locked in a cell. The cell shall have a single bed with thin foam mattress, nylon sheets and pink frilly nylon bedspread. The bed shall be provided with many fixing points to restrain the sissy when required. A wardrobe for sissy clothes. A locked cupboard for outdoor clothes with the faggot shall not have access to unless needed. A cupboard for instruments to use on the faggot.


The faggot shall be trained in all domestic duties with the aim that Master's home be perfect at all times without Master having to continually give orders.
The faggot's sissy pussy will be trained with plugs and dildos until it can take any Man who wishes to fuck it at any time.
The faggot's mouth will be trained to give pleasure to Man Cock.
The faggot will be conditioned so that it understand that it is the chattel property of its Owner and it exists only to serve its Master on whom it it totally and utterly dependent. It will be programmed to be totally, unquestioningly obedient and submissive.


Master may deliver encouragement or warnings by means of slaps, kicks, spankings or the use of light instruments such as a riding crop. These are not 'punishments' for the purposes of discipline.
For formal punishment the faggot shall be gagged, blindfolded and restrained immobile. It shall be whipped with the implement(s) and for the duration its Master chooses.


Published on: 17 Jan 2020

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