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Just wanted to say hello to everyone really! Looking forward to getting to know (and hopefully be a hoe with) people!

Bi Ts Lover

Published on: 29 May 2020

Webcam Cuckold

A few months ago my wife had to go away, overnight, on business. During the evening, she called me to say a guy was "hitting on her" in the bar. I asked if he was good looking & fit. She said he was & had what looked like a decent sized cock in his pants. I said it was a pity I wasn't there as she could fuck him while I watched. She took me by surprise, suggesting I could watch on webcam if I was ok with it. Now, this was a new direction for us, we'd never done this before. I said if she really wanted to, then, yes, ok, we'll do it. She said she would call me later when it was all arranged, but would I do something for her. Curious, I asked what. My wife said for me to wear stockings, hood & my cock cage. I said, yes, ok, I would. With that, she said she'd call later.

I poured myself a drink, relaxed & prepared myself as she'd asked. After what seemed an eternity, but probably around 2 hours, my phone rang, it was my wife. She asked if it was still ok as she'd invited him to her room. I said yes, it was. She asked if I was "dressed" as she'd asked, so I switched on my laptop webcam & asked her to look. At this point my screen flickered as her webcam came on. She looked at me & smiled, she was pleased I was wearing what she'd asked. She stepped back a little & I could see she was wearing a bathrobe, her hair damp & down to her shoulders. She asked if I was ready to watch, again, I said yes, but no off-cam play, everything had to be on cam. She said ok, & to relax as it won't be long now. Almost immediately there was a knock on her door.

My wife went to the door, opened it & pulled this guy in. I could see he was well dressed, quite tall, good looking & fit, as she'd described him earlier. My wife began kissing him & I could see her hand rubbing his crotch. She broke away & said her husband was going to watch on webcam & if this made him uncomfortable, he could leave now. He said it was ok, she then brought him over to her laptop to look at me on screen. A look of shock came over his face as he saw what I was wearing. My wife, again, said he could leave if it made him him uncomfortable. He kissed her & said, no, it was all good. My wife kissed him, winked at me & moved her laptop to a table at the end of the bed, she'd placed the table there earlier so I could get a good view of the action.

My wife got on the bed, on her knees & removed her robe. I was shocked to see her wearing a red bra & thong, items I bought just 3 days before for an upcoming break for our wedding anniversary. She hadn't even "modelled" them for me yet. I got the feeling that she had planned this before going away. Nevertheless, it was now happening & nothing could stop it, even if I wanted it to stop, which I didn't.

My wife told him to strip to his boxers & join her on the bed. As he did, I could see a very large bulge in his shorts & a big smile on my wife's face. He joined my wife on the bed, kneeling in front of her, both "side on" to the cam so I could see everything. They began kissing & as his hands were kneading her tits, she put a hand on his bulge & started rubbing. His cock was swelling in his shorts, mine was throbbing in my cage. He reached behind her & unclipped her bra, tossing it behind her, her tits now free, nipples erect. He immediately began sucking each nipple in turn, at the same time squeezing her tits. Her moans indicated he was doing an excellent job. She put a hand on his head & pulled him in closer. Her other hand stopped rubbing & I watched as she slipped it in his waistband & down. She then started stroking his cock. They were both moaning loudly, I hoped this was for my benefit.

My wife then pushed him on to his back & using both hands, pulled his boxers off, tossing them off the bed. She removed her panties & took hold of his cock by the base & held it upright, it was very big, she later told me it was around 9" & quite thick. He was definitely bigger than me. She bent forward, licked his cock head, then wrapping her lips around it, started slowly sucking him, her mouth gliding up & down his shaft. He put a hand on her head & assisted in her sucking motions. My wife then stunned me by taking his cock all the way in, down to the base. I'd seen & experienced her deep-throating, but nothing that big before. She held him there for a while then, moaning deeply, sucked as  she held his cock deep in her throat. This went on for a minute or 2 before she removed her mouth from his cock. She then positioned him, feet towards the cam, squatted over him &, holding the base of his cock, slid her now dripping pussy all the way down on it. A squeal came from her mouth as it went fully in. She put her hands forward on to him & began riding him, back & forth slowly at 1st, then bouncing up & down wildly. She rode his cock for at least 10 minutes like this & I could see his cock glistening with her juices with every upward motion. All to soon, I swear I heard him say he was going to cum. I hoped not in her. She climbed off him & went on her knees, he stood in front of her. She took the head of his cock in her mouth & with both hands, began wanking him off. This didn't last long before he pushed her head away & began stroking himself. A few seconds later, he tensed & shot a large wad of cum on my wifes face, he kept wanking & a few more spurts landed on my wifes mouth & chin. As he stepped away, my wife wiped his cum from her face & chin, popped her fingers in her mouth & sucked them clean. My own cock was now straining & leaking precum in it's cage. He got off the bed & disappeared, I guessed to the bathroom to clean up. My wife came to the cam & asked if I'd enjoyed it as much as she did. I replied, Oh my god yes, it was incredible. She said good as it wasn't over just yet. I kind of stuttered a "what? What's next?". She said wait a few moments.

The guy returned from the bathroom & joined my wife on the bed, both sitting & facing the camera. My wife told me to remove my cage, which I did. She whispered in his ear, then looked at me & said to jerk off. As I started stroking my aching cock, she took hold of his limp, yet large cock & began stroking him back to hardness. As she did, I heard him say how much of a slut my wife was, how much she'd enjoyed his massive cock in her mouth & pussy, what a filthy cumslut she was eating his huge load of spunk, how loose & slippery her ass was. By now I was close to cumming. My wife whispered in his ear again then he said he'd wished he'd brought a few more guys with him so they could fill all her holes & use her as a fucktoy. This made her squeal with delight, & made me cum. My spunk shot out, some landing on my stockings, some on my hand & some even landing on my keyboard. I heard my wife laugh & say "ooo you naughty boy, now you get to see what a real cock can do". With that, she pushed him on his back, again, feet towards the cam. She then positioned herself over him, facing me, took hold of his now hard again cock & squatted a little until the tip was against her anal opening. She looked me directly in the eyes, winked & said "now, watch a real man fuck your wife like the slut she is". She then slid down on his cock, taking it all the way in her ass. She leaned back, putting her hands on his chest & slowly began riding him "reverse cowgirl", her favourite position whether it's pussy or ass. She rode his cock slowly at 1st before quickening up. I could see her pussy juices squirting out, this postion makes her cum like a fountain, everytime without fail. My cock was now limp in my crotch with my cum drying on my stockings & hand. My eyes were glued to the action on screen. My wife continued to ride his huge cock, screaming & screaming. As I was watching, I could see his balls tighten & his cock twitch. I knew he was cumming in her ass, something only 2 guys had done before, me being 1 of them. This sent my wife in to lust overload & squealing loudly, rode his cock furiously. When she was done, she climbed off, went on all fours with her ass & pussy to the cam. He stood over her & held her ass cheeks open, I could see she had a very big anal gape. Her hand reached between her legs & started rubbing her dripping pussy. I watched as his cum leaked from her asshole & ran down over her pussy & hand. I sat there & stared, open mouthed, as her hand began rubbing his cum in to her pussy lips, then she slipped her cum soaked fingers in her pussy & thrust them in & out. This was a new direction for her as she'd only ever done that once before, with me. I could hear her moaning loudly & him, still holding her ass open, laugh. After a few minutes, she stopped fingering her pussy & fell forward on to the bed. I could see him get off the bed & disappear again. I heard the shower turn on, so he was cleaning up. 

A few minutes later, he reappeared & began getting dressed. Once he was clothed, he came over to my wife, still face down on the bed, bent down & kissed her. As he did, he squeezed her ass, this made her squeal again. Then he headed for the door, looked back at the cam, laughed & said "such a fucking dirty slut". This made my wife moan "mmmmmm", then he left.

My wife got up, came to the camera & asked how it was. I could only reply it was the hottest, kinkiest, dirtiest, porn show I had ever watched. She asked if I was ok & what did I think of her. I said it was the sluttiest thing I 'd ever seen her do &, if I was honest, I believed she had planned it prior to going. She confessed she had as she had met him at a previous business meeting & he had begged her for sex. She had hoped I was up for it as she would not fuck him otherwise, & was quite excited when I agreed. 

With that out of the way, she said she loved me immensely, how glad she was I agreed to her plan & she was now going for a shower & then bed. We bid each other goodnight, said I love you to each other & we would see each other the next evening at the railway station. With that we switched our laptops off. I looked down at the crusty cum stains on my stockings, muttered "FUCK, what a night that was", took my hood & stockings off, went for a shower then bed. I drifted in & out of sleep for a while, my mind swimming with what I'd seen, before finally crashing out & sleeping. The following evening, I collected my wife from the station & before I could say anything, she put a finger on my lips, said "shhhh, let's leave it like that". We kissed & headed home, a normal couple again...

Can't wait for a repeat performance.....

Bi Ts Lover

Published on: 28 May 2020

Cuckold Evening

After a rather busy period in our working lives, my wife & I decided to spend a few nights at a spa hotel to wind down. On our last evening, we were in our room preparing to go to the spa for a final time, & chatting about what to do that evening. I suggested we try cuckolding, we'd done similar many years ago while in the swinging scene, where I would always watch before taking part. My wife said ok, but this would be different to before. She said I would not be having sex with her until the evening was over. We agreed that if I was uncomfortable with this, then nothing would happen & we'd just have a normal "couples" evening. I readily said yes, I was curious as to how this would go. She said we could stop it at any time with a safe word. Safe word agreed, she said anything that happens from this point on is of her design. We gathered our things & headed to the spa, my mind racing now, wondering how & when it would all begin.

Getting to the spa, we passed the gym area where a few people were working out, I didn't pay much notice but my wife just looked at them as we made our way to the locker rooms. We entered separate locker rooms, agreeing to meet in the pool on the other side. I was 1st out & in the pool, when my wife came in to view wearing a tiny bikini. It was 1 I had bought for an upcoming holiday & she had yet to wear it, until now. She then joined me in the pool & after a bit of splashing around, she asked if I was still ok with our plans. I said yes, of course, after all, it was my idea. We were idly floating about when we noticed a guy head to the sauna, with just a towel around his lower half. My wife looked at me & said "let's go in the sauna", I instantly thought, ok, this is it.

We left the pool & went to the sauna, entered & sat on the benches inside. The guy we'd seen was sat on the upper bench, we were opposite & being on a lower bench, could see up his towel. My wife went & sat by him, whispered in his ear, then looked at me. What happened next surprised me, she calmly said "go outside & stand guard by the door". As she did, her hand went to his thigh & slipped under his towel. She started stroking him, looked at me & said "NOW, OUTSIDE, GO". I got up, went out the door & closed it behind me. Standing outside, I could hear loud moaning, both him & her. I tried to see through the small window in the door, however, it was all steamed up. I continued to stand there, all the while listening to the moaning & groaning from inside. I then heard my wife squeal, I knew from experience he had entered her. I continued to hear moans, squeals & the benches creaking from some rigourous fucking. It seemed to go on for ages & I was stood there, outside, in speedos with a raging hard-on. I heard him grunt loudly & my wife moaning softly, I guessed he'd cum, hopefully not in her. The door suddenly opened & the guy walked out, towel in his hand, looked at me &, stroking his now limp cock, smirked & walked off. I immediately went in to the sauna to be greeted by the sight of my wife, bikini bottoms off, pussy wet & gaping, tits exposed & cum all over them. She beckoned me over & told me lick it off. I looked at her & she said she was in charge & this was how we would play it out. I went over to her & dutifully licked her tits clean of cum. She kissed me on the mouth & said we should go & get ready for dinner. With that she put her bikini bottoms on, covered her tits & we headed to our room. As we passed the pool, the guy who'd just fucked her was in there. She waved & blew him a kiss as we left.

Back in our room we showered & dressed for dinner, my wife asked if what had happened was ok, I said yes, it was different to what we'd done a long time before, but thoroughly enjoyable. Her reply took me by surprise. She said "good, because it's not over yet", she had more planned for later if I was ok. Again I said yes. We then headed to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

We enjoyed an excellent dinner & then moved to the bar for drinks. My mind racing, I looked around the bar to see if there were any single guys she might have an eye on. There were only a few other couples, a group of girls & a few small groups of guys scattered around the seating areas. As the evening dragged on, we had a few more drinks & I thought that nothing else was now going to happen, it was getting late & people were leaving. Suddenly, my wife said she was going to get us a last drink & got up & went to the bar. I watched as she went to the bar & saw her chat with 2 guys, who I hadn't seen before or enter the bar. After a few minutes, she returned to our table with drinks, sat down & smiled. Curious now, I asked what they chatted about, she replied wait & see, then winked at me, looked at the guys, smiled, then began to down her last drink. Once we'd finished our drinks, she said let's go to our room. I thought that was it, our evening was over. I was, however, completely wrong. As we left, my wife went up to them & handed over a key-card to our room. This, again, was different to anything we'd ever done before. We then headed to our room. What happened next totally shocked me.

In our room, my wife stripped & took a shower, when she returned, I then also took a shower. As I walked in the room, my wife was on the bed in a bathrobe. On the end of the bed were a pair of hold-up fishnet stockings, a gimp hood & pink crotchless panties. She told me to put them on & not question why. I did as asked & then she reached under a pillow & produced a metal cock cage. I'd seen them previously but never worn 1. She told me she knew what porn I watched & guessed we'd have an evening like this, so had purchased 1. She proceeded to slide the ring over my cock & squeeze my balls through the ring. Then slid my cock in to the cage, located the clasp & snapped a padlock on. I looked at her & could see the key, on a chain, around her neck. This was now getting weird. But I was curious to see what would happen. My wife told me to get on the floor, on my knees, at the end of the bed.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, a "bleep" & the door opened. In walked the 2 guys from the bar. My wife sat on the edge of the bed & removed her robe, she was naked apart from the key on a chain around her neck. She told the guys to strip, which they eagerly did. Once naked, she stood up, walked to them & kissed them both. Their hands instantly went to her ass & tits & squeezed as they kissed. She broke away & told them to stand in front of me. She reminded them of what they discussed in the bar, which I did not hear, & they said yes, they were ok with it. She took 1 guys cock, told me to open my mouth, put her hand on my head & pushed forward. His cock entered my mouth & she told me to get him hard. I began "blowing" him, her hand on my head controlling the speed. I could feel him harden quite quickly. She pulled him away, took the 2nd guys cock & fed it in to my mouth. Again, I had to get him hard, her hand controlling my speed. Once he was hard, she pulled my head away, took both cocks in her hands & pulled them both on to the bed. She told me to face them & watch. My cock was now swollen & twitching in it's tight confinement.

She got between both guys & began sucking their cocks alternately, I could now see they were both bigger than me, not by much, but bigger. She carried on sucking each in turn then looked me in the eye & put both in her mouth together. Both guys bucked their hips & fucked her mouth. She stopped sucking, got on all fours, pushed 1 guy behind her & put the other guys cock in her mouth. The guy behind slipped his cock easily in to her now dripping pussy. They began to fuck her mercilessly from both ends, my wife moaning loudly. I could hear her pussy squelch with the cock in her, her mouth slurping hungrily on the other cock. This fucking went on for some time, I thought the guys would cum quick but they'd been drinking so probably numbed the sensation. My wife then stopped sucking, crawled over the guy in front, removing herself from the guy behind, squatted over him & lowered her pussy on to his cock. She pulled the other guy in front & started sucking his cock, which was shiny from her pussy juice. Again, they fucked like this for some time, before she pushed the guy from her mouth, pulled him down to her, kissed him & whispered something which I couldn't hear. His next move confirmed what she'd said. He went behind her, pushed her forward & positioned his cock at her ass. She looked back at me, then him & nodded. He needed no 2nd invite & began pushing his cock in her tight hole. Surprisingly, it went in quite easily. My wife pushed back & said "fuck me hard, fuck my holes". My cock now bursting in it's cage, I watched helpless as they began to fuck my wife hard & fast. They pounded both holes relentlessly for a good 5 minutes. I thought, surely they would cum soon but no, on & on they went. The cock in her ass slipped out & before he could put it back in, my wife said to put it in her pussy. He did so easily & my wife now bucked, humped, bounced & squealed as both cocks fucked her pussy. I could hear her pussy squelching & knew she was cumming hard from both cocks. She then told them to stop. The guy underneath stayed where he was & my wife turned to face me, squatted down & holding his cock, eased it in her ass. She lowered herself all the way to his balls. She pulled the other guy toward her, took hold of his cock & eased it in to her already full ass, double anal. I'd never seen her do this before, she must have been really lost to lust at this point. I watched as they both fucked her tight hole, it may not be after tonight though. They fucked her like this for a few minutes before she pushed the guy in front away then got off the other. She came to the end of the bed, laid on her back with her head just off the end. She beckoned both guys over, took a cock in each hand & began wanking them off. I guessed this was not going to last long & I wasn't wrong. As she wanked them, I saw them tense up, heard them groan before 2 streams of cum shot out, over her tits, neck & face. From my position I could see some cum land on the key to my cage, FUCK. She stroked both cocks, draining them on to her tits. She must have felt cum run down her neck & as she wiped it with her hand, she took hold of the key, looked at it, showed the guys then me, before laughing. She told the guys to dress but before they leave she wanted them to watch. As they dressed, she told me to lick up all the cum from her face, neck & tits. I did so, slightly humiliated as both guys watched. She then put the key in my mouth & told me to suck it clean. Both guys, now dressed, kissed my wife on the mouth, tongues everywhere, squeezed her ass & left the room. My wife told me to stay where I was, on my knees, while she showered. I thought this was the end of the evening's "fun". I was wrong.

After my wife had showered, she came back in the room, kissed me & asked if I was enjoying the evening. Enjoying? I thought it had finished. Oh no she said, 1 more thing. She told me to order a bottle of champagne on room service. This I did, wondering what else was in store. My wife ordered me back on to my knees, facing the door while she put on a tiny pair of panties, which barely covered her puffy, well fucked & clearly still wet, pussy. I thought, surely she doesn't need another fuck? I know she can go on for a long time, she'd been gangbanged a few times in our swinging days. Anyway, a knock on the door brought me back to reality.

My wife told me to stay where I was, I was still hooded, caged, in panties & stockings. She went to the door, opened it & in stepped a young guy, room service. He looked at me in surprise, my wife just said "oh, don't mind that little slut".  She asked him to open the bottle & pour her a glass. As he did, she knelt in front of him, unzipped his pants & took his cock out. Before he could protest, she took his now hardening cock in her mouth & started sucking. She cupped his balls with 1 hand & stroked the shaft with the other, all the while with the head in her mouth. Now, I knew he wouldn't last long, nobody ever had with that kind of blowjob from her. I could see his knees buckle as he struggled to pour the champagne, spilling some on my wife as he tried. This made her moan & work his cock harder. He put the bottle & glass down, held her head & started fucking her mouth. My wife put both hands on his ass & pulled him deeper in. His fucking quickened up &, as he trembled, cum in her mouth. I thought she would swallow it, again, I was wrong. She pulled away from him, stood up & came over to me. She grabbed my hood & pushed my head back. She pulled my mouth open, bent forward & opened her mouth. I could see a drip of cum leave her mouth before feeling it land in mine. Several more drops followed before she leaned right in, kissed me & closed my mouth. She put a hand on my throat & told me to swallow it all. She moaned softly as she felt my throat as I swallowed. She then told the room service guy to leave, which he did, zipping up his pants as he left. 

My wife pulled my hood off, kissed me & asked how I felt. I said I was so fucking horny it was unreal. She took the key from her neck, unlocked the cage, before removing it & the ring, over my, now, very swollen & tight balls. She told me to remove the panties & stockings & put them in my bag. Then she told me to shower & freshen up. I did so, hoping this was finally the end. It was of sorts.

After showering, I got into bed, my wife removed her soaked panties, went to freshen up, then came & joined me in bed. As we talked about the events of the evening, she took my cock in her hand & started wanking me. As she did, she said next time there may well be girls involved, some toys & more cocks. She said I may even get fucked myself. With that I cum all over her hand. She got out of bed, went & washed up & came back to bed. We drifted off to sleep & left early the following morning to avoid any awkwardness. 

Next time? It can't come quick enough, for me & my wife. There will be more to come......



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Call me 


Published on: 23 May 2020


Kevin met Tony through the model railway club. Kevin was home from university and Tony, retired and divorced, enjoyed a long summer together working on a model railway layout in Tony's attic. Many long days wear spent "modelling" as they called it in Tony's loft. 

Over the course of the summer, an unspoken routine developed where Tony drew Kevin into a different kind of modelling altogether. 

At the far end of the attic, behind a curtain, Kevin began to spend more and more time looking through the old boxes of stuff. "If there's anything there that takes your fancy, help yourself" Tony said. So developed a curious routine where Kevin would spend time reading Tony's collection of porn magazines. Nothing too outrageous, mostly British top shelf magazines from the 1990s like Fiesta, Escort and a particular favourite of Kevin's, New Talent. 

They never spoke of what went on behind the curtain, but after the first time Kevin thought he heard Tony catch him out, the two men fell into a routine of Kevin wanking on his knees, his favourite girly mags spread out on the floor, and Tony spying on him through the curtain. 

One Monday morning, as Tony made the tea downstairs, Kevin stepped through the curtain to find a full length mirror, stool and clothes rack. 

Hanging from the rack were some luxurious lace top stockings, a suspender girdle, a white Triumph Doreen bra and some full cut sheer white knickers. On a small table lay a brown wig, lipstick, a pearl necklace, clip on hoop ear rings and a pair of black heeled court shoes. 

Open on the floor were half a dozen copies of a magazine Kevin hadn't seen before. Thrills Readers Wives, all open with various housewives in similar white lingerie to the bra, knickers and deep suspenders draped from the rack. All the amateur models were wearing stockings. 

It felt so natural for Kevin as he stripped off and began his transformation to a seductive young woman. 

As Kevin sat cross legged on the stool, posing in front of the mirror, he heard a gasp from behind the curtain. Tony appeared with two mugs of tea and a camera on a strap around his neck. 

"You look sensational darling" he said. 

They drank their tea in silence, watching but not talking. After a cigarette and a cup of tea, Kevin began to eminate the poses in the magazines while Tony snapped away with his camera. 

Despite the hardon in his knickers, nothing else was said, and nothing else happened. Tony withdrew and left Kevin to wank his stiff pole until he shot his heavy load over the magazines, just like before, only now, he has become the very object of his own affection, a genuine readers wife. 

As the holidays drew to a close and Kevin prepared to return to university for his final year, the cross dressing modelling shoots continued. He never asked what Tony would do with the pictures and he never saw any desire from Tony to take things further. 

Until that was, the day came, and drawing back the curtain Kevin checked through the days selection of lingerie and there were no knickers, only a bra, suspenders, stockings, heels and some makeup and Jewellery. He dressed as normal, but standing in front of the mirror, there was nothing to hide his 7 inch stiff pole, erect to attention and dripping pre-cum. 

This time, when the curtain drew back, Tony was completely naked. At 65 he wasn't a figure of attraction, and his cock, although very thick, was quite short, only 4 inches long and yet very hard. 

Without thinking Kevin paraded back and forth, bending, turning, running his hands up and down his stockings and over the cups of his bra. 

Then, summoning all his courage, knelt in front of Tony and took that thick stubby cock between his lipsticked lips. 

Months of amateur transvestism, wanking, porn magazines, knickers, voyeurism and sissification overwhelmed them both. Kevin bobbed on Tony's meaty stump of a cock, his own thick prick swinging uninhibited between his stockinged legs. 

Within moments Tony groaned and unleashed a torrent of thick, pent up spunk across Kevin's face and bra. He withdrew leaving Kevin to beat his sissy cock to fruition over the readers wives magazines on the other side of the curtain. 

20 minutes later they were back dressed and working on the railway as if nothing had happened. 

And nobody ever knew of that summer in the attic, where the power of porn magazines had driven a young student and a lonely old man to the peak of transvestite desire.