Faggot studski

Published on: 19 Nov 2019

my downward spiral to mental self destruction


I started out young as it was obvious I was a faggot to family and friends.  My dad's best friend made sure early I knew I was worthless and deserved no security or happiness.  I rode my bike to the local mall and started sucking any and all under stall walls.  That progressed to the local forest preserve where I offered myself to all the old trolls.  I became quit well known as the faggot who does anyone.  I was and have always been open to any age, race or type of looks.

I worked hard to lower myself over the years and usually picked the most disgusting and ugly to offer myself too.  I had quite a bad reputation in Chicago, Wisconsin and Michigan.  I would average at least 10 tricks a day due to the great hours I had working in banking.  I lied and cheated every chance I would get and ruined any love that anyone wanted to send my way.

I am at well over 10,000 men to date.  I  disgusting and will do anything to amuse anyone who wants to use or exploit me.  My self esteem is zero.  I am garbage and I full well know it.  Kindness is not the way to get to know me.  Treat me like shit and I will do anything to show my sincere gratitude.  I am Studski and I am pure white trash at its finest.





Published on: 18 Nov 2019

Shopping again

Went to Meadowhall today looking for Christmas pressies and a Christmas party dress. Looked in Quiz which is my usual go to but was disappointed. The website had loads of dresses I liked online but the shop despite being big had none of the dresses I liked. M&S was not much better. House of Frazier had a couple of things I liked but not in the right sizes 😢

I did find a nice dress in warehouse which I tried on. I had a shopping bag with heels, padded bra and stockings so I get a true feel for fit and look.

I picked up the sequined little black dress in a size 12 and 14 and took them past a few women shoppers to the fitting room and asked the shop assistant to try them on.

She of course said yes sure and I went into a cubicle pulling off my make clothes to reveal my little floral and lace pink panties. My heart still pounding as I rushed to try on the dresses.

I carefully pulled on my nude stockings, and padded floral bra. Then unzipped and pulled on the super heavy sequinned dress. Zipping it up and fastening the clasp at the neck thinking ' this could be embarrassing if I can't undo it and have to go out and ask for help.' 

I pulled on my heels and looked at myself in the mirror smiling and listening to the busy fitting room as three or four women had entered not long after me.

The 12 was very snug so on tried the 14 which fitted nicely took a few pics. Showing the front and back making sure to get my heels and the full dress.

I then redressed packed my heels, bra and stockings back in my bag and went out with the two dresses. The girl asked  'how were they?' to which I replied I was not sure as the fit was good but the length was maybe a bit too long. But I said I was going to look around. She smiled and said ok no problem.

On the way out of the shop all 3 shop assistants said hi to me and the one at the til called the other one as I walked passed obviously calling me out.

On my way out of the center I saw some great knee high black and sparkly boots and asked a shop assistant what size they went up to. She said a UK 8 to which I said oh dear that's a shame. That too small for me. She smiled and genuinely said she was sorry which was nice.

So another shopping trip over x x




Published on: 17 Nov 2019

Fun in my car

I had fun near Stirling Corner last time just after xmas 2018. Just a couple of cars as I arrive fully dressed, flashed my interior light a few times, an then got out of the car dressed in my tiny skirt hitched up round my waist, with my pink satin & black lacy panties, with matching sussie belt, black lacetop fishnets. Satin slip on top with black shiny strappy heels.

Opened my door and went round to open the boot an rummage a little, bent over the back of the car wiggling my ass a little before I got back in my car. Wasn't Long before an older guy came over and let himsellf in. Was so exciting, heart racing. He touched me up all over my stoking tops. Mmmmmm was lovely. I opened my door and said I dropped something so I could bend over to show him my ass.

I think he liked it, I got back in and reclined my seat and got on all fours for him to stoke my ass, he loved it and soon had his tongue buried in my pussy. It was glorious, made me moan and grind back on his face.

Was just getting into it when he got spooked by another car coming in. I was gutted when he soon left. Really wanted him to make me cum with his tongue.

Next time maybe?


Published on: 13 Nov 2019

Travestís Zaragoza

Encuentra  Travestis Zaragoza aquí.. 


Published on: 04 Nov 2019


Night time nappy and rubber knickers on.