Published on: 16 Apr 2021

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Published on: 16 Apr 2021

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Published on: 10 Apr 2021

Whore stories

The First

(First paid client at least).

He called in the morning, i answered, he sumbled on his words and speech, apologised and hung up.

He called back later, I answered, he apologised again, i said no need, and what service he's looking for and when.

He said an hours service, wanted to lick my boots and kiss my legs, while i stand over him or sit on my chair, then to finish off with me making him suck me off and cum on my boots.

Gave him the address and he told me would be under half an hour away, before he went he asked if it's ok as he's very fat and sweats a lot, i told me again it's fine and in fact i like that, he seemed happy.

He was punctual, polite, didn't say much, was very big and dripping from head to toe i imagine in sweat. lunch break must have been, he was in a suit, dark haired, with afternoon stuble.

Told him he can get down and start worshipping my legs right there and then on the doorstep, while we make our way upstairs.

He reminded me about payment, which i had completely forgotten about, duh me, well, its a rookie mistake being new to the game. I took it and was quite chuffed with myself for making some dosh hehehe.

He followed me upstairs, trying to lick and get the odd kiss of my knee high PVC boots, in my bedroom i told him to strip and get on his knees again, and lick and kiss my boots and legs properly, which he did, i mean this fella was well hydrated, as much as he sweated, he drooled the same all over my boots and pantyhose was sodden too.

I wasn't thinking about the time, but i guess he was, he quickly asked if i can demand and force my clitty cock into his mouth for him to suck.

Which i did, although not really into sub guys who wanna suck cock, i slapped him with it a bit and made him seek it with his mouth, he asked if i will come, i said no, and he suddenly came, mainly on the carpet but tried to aim the rest on my boots.

He said sorry yet again and offered to clean the carpet, and i yet again too, told him not to worry and its ok , come back again.

And did he? yep he sure as hell did.





Published on: 09 Apr 2021

Still a Sad desperate sissy.

Another month on in 2021, and still not dressing properly. I manage stockings and belt when I can, but it is hard to find the space. Too much sissy hypno has made me a little brain dead, and I forget to hide my my enema bulb after my regular pussy cleaning. Its bound to be found soon, and questions will be asked. EEEkk!

Bellah Trella

Published on: 08 Apr 2021

bella crosdresser sexy in king cross

hi guys, 

sexy and descreet .

She is... Bellahhhhhhhhhhhhhh