Published on: 28 Jun 2020

Attic experience

This is a short story of my first time at the Attic Adult club. 

Before leaving for the club I dressed at home fully. I had a long bath soaking in sanctuary bath soak which I love the smell of it is just heavenly and shaved myself completely smooth leaving only a small airstrip of pubic hair above my little limp boiclit.

I towel dried and put on my summer skater white minidress. The dress is a very short flared waffle patterned dress with a pink and purple flower pattern and is very pretty and showed off my long nude 10 denier naked tights covered legs. Under which I was wearing a pair of hot pink silky, lace Brazilian knickers that ride up between my cheeks deliciously only so they only half cover my cheeks.

I had full make up on with subtle pink summer glossy shimmer lipstick and matching finger nails. My toes painted a hot pink to match my knickers of course. And my favourite perfume Beautiful by Ester Lauder sprayed liberally over my smooth body. This perfume makes me feel so girlie and horny as soon as I smell it. I have used it for years so it makes me instantly think about crossdressing and what a naughty girl I am.

I had 4 1/2" blue snake skin peep toe sling back heels on which showed my pink nails off nicely. Making my legs look even longer and my bum look nice and pert the bright lace contrasting against by pale cheeks. Resembling the colour I knew my other cheeks would resemble later flushed from the excitement of daring to go out dressed.

A cute little pink cardigan shrug covered my shoulders and upper arms, finishing the outfit off.

I checked my neighbour's driveways out back, both seemed quiet although their cars were still there. I quickly grabbed a bag with my boy clothes in, placed by the back door and picked up my pretty floral clutch bag from the worktop in my kitchen with my lipstick, perfume, money and condoms in. 

Opening my back door a crack (I sound like Frankie Howard - Ohh Missus), I listened intently, hearing no one I took a deep breath and not daring to look back I walked across my patio, and up the stairs to my path across my garden to my car. This was my most risky part of going out dressed as I live on a private drive shared with neighbors and getting to my car and out of the drive is when I am fully exposed to them. It would be very hard to explain who that tarty woman was driving my car away without me should I be seen or more to tr point why a tarty woman was coming out of my house at all while my wife is at work.

The sound of my heels up the path made me feel sure someone would look out of their house. Trying to act casual I walked to my car, knowing I was walking way to fast my heels clicking up the path and occasionally dragging as I tried to muffle the sound. I put my bag in the boot and the clutch bag on the front seat and then glanced up quickly as I swung into the drivers side daring to look around for the first time fully.

No one in sight I got into the front drivers side closed my door, adjusted my skirt and breathed again. So good so far. I then reversed out and prayed none of my neighbors would come the opposite way up the drive as I tried to leave as they would obviously recognise my car but not the person driving it!

The journey was straight forward it is always strange driving in heels and with long hair. Not to mention feeling as exposed as I do with such a short skirt and nude tights.



Bi Ts Lover

Published on: 28 Jun 2020

Shaving My Wife

I arrived home from work around 6.30pm, there was no sign of Kate. I called out her name & she shouted from upstairs that she was in the bathroom. I went up & entered the bathroom, she had 1 leg up on the side of the bath, shaving. I asked if she was going out as I hoped we would have a night at home together. I was disappointed with the reply that she was, indeed, going out. I asked where & who with. She replied she was meeting a guy whom she'd met earlier that day. She'd told him that she often cucked me & I had no say in it.

After shaving her legs, she sat on the edge of the bath & lathered up her pussy, it wasn't very hairy but she wanted it to be smooth & shaven for her new bull. She then handed me MY razor & instructed me to shave her. I found this humiliating yet exciting. Using my razor, to shave my wife, for another guy to fuck her.

I began shaving her gently, nobody likes shaving cuts. As I did, her phone rang. I could tell from the conversation it was her new bull. She told him she had showered & shaved her legs, & now her cuck was shaving her pussy with his own razor. I heard a laugh from the phone & knew he was enjoying what Kate said.

I continued to shave, while they chatted, until she was completely smooth. As I towelled her pussy, cleaning away all residue, Kate handed me some moisturiser, which I rubbed all around her bald pussy & ass. Once done, Kate stood up, went in to our bedroom, I followed. She put on her lingerie, lacy black bra, panties & suspender belt. Kate handed me a pair of stockings & told me help her put them on. I did as ordered. Her next move surprised me, instead of putting on a dress, Kate put on an overcoat, which she buttoned up & fastened the belt around her waist. She said she didn't want to waste time & fuck about removing a dress, she was meeting him to fuck not be in a fashion show. This was very direct & matter of fact for Kate.

Once she was ready, she handed me my cock cage & told me to put it on, which I did. She put a key, on a chain, around her neck. I thought, ok, at least I'll be able to watch. I was wrong. Kate ordered me to phone for a taxi & give her the fare, not only to meet her new bull, but for the return home too. 

This I did, feeling rather uneasy but excited. Before long, her taxi arrived & as Kate was leaving, she kissed me, patted my caged cock & said she would see me later that night, or maybe the following morning if it was going well.

With that, she got in the taxi & left. I went & sat down with a drink, wondering how long Kate would be. It was now 7.30pm. I fell asleep in a chair while waiting for her to come home. It was some time later when I felt a kiss on my cheek, it was Kate. I looked at the clock, it was 3.45 am, she was with him for, I guess, about 7.5 hours. 

Kate went upstairs, I followed, Kate took off her coat. All she had on were stockings & suspender belt. She said she left her bra & panties with him & would collect them next time. Next time? This meant she'd found another regular bull to add to her stable of cock. 


Rocky Lives

Published on: 28 Jun 2020


Why did I come here with these guys, I only just met them, I feel a bit disorientated, not sure where I am, its some sort of warehouse place, I am a bit dizzy.. Was there something in the drink the bought me.. suddenly strong arms are making me kneel on the floor, my arms are tied behind my back.. whats happening ?  A blindfold is place around my head, I cant see, my head is spinning... Suddenly someone grabs my head from behind, my face is pushed up against the crotch of leather pants.. I feel I hard cock inside.. There is the sound of troser zip opening, and I feel I hot cock slapping my face.. Then it is forced into my mouth,, I am so scared, I cant do anything but submit."Take the fucking cock.. you dirty little slut fucking choke on it.." The cock is rammed  hard down my throat.." FUCKING CHOKE ON IT..CHOKE ON IT"..."YEAH" I am head is spinning..I cant breath... I feel a slap to my ass. I cant scream.. The cock is pumping my mouth.. "YOUR FACE IS A CUNT.. I"M GIVING YOU A CUNT FUCKING.." I Feel a cock ramming up my ass.... It hurts but I still cant scream... Something is said.. couldnt hear.. but everythings stops.. I am scared.. whats going to happen..? I am lying on my back on a table.. Feel hands holding my legs apart and my arms outstreched too... a hand covers my mouth and lifts up my head.."TAKE THIS YOU LITTLE FUCKER... Take the Amyl.." I try to breath through my nose.. I am forced sniff from a small bottle I feel a sharp scent of nothing I have smelt before.. it has a very intoxicating effect.. my head spins.. I dont know whats happenning to me.. Again and again.. Its forced up my nose.. I am spinning.. but it feels strangely good ..The cock is rammed down my throat again.. wow.. this is not so bad after all..feeling the hard thrust on the back of my throat.. At the same time a feel a cock rammed up my ass.. thats feels OK.. no not OK.. feels fucking GREAT.. "TAKE THE COCKS YOU DIRTY LITTLE FUCKER.. FUCKING YOUR CUNT ASS AND YOUR CUNT FACE.." OMG.. I am feeling totally possessed.. feels so good... Harder and faster.. Then the other guys take a turn.. fucking my face so hard "GAG THE FAG.." " FUCK HIS CUNT FACE"... I feel something hard get shoved into my ass.. 'fuuuuck' my brain screams..but I am choking as another hard pump send shivers up my spine.. "FUCK THE LITTLE CUNT WITH THE DILDO..YEAH TAKE IT.. Another pump and I am in ECSTACY.. my world is spinning out of control.. all I want to do is to be raped.. I want cocks up my arse.. down my throat... I am fucking flying..more Amyl... I never want it to stop... But then.. it does slow down and stop.. there are muffled voices.. I am turned over on my stomach.. my hands are tied behind my back.. my head is being held by a pair of hand I can feel a cock rubbing my face.... now harder.. there is some lube.. being rubbed on my face and into my mouth.. then I feel fingers going into my mouth.. "DONT BITE BITCH...OPEN WIDE".. I Feel the fingers slide into my mouth.. out and in.. just slowly, feels so good.. now deeper and harder... still feels good... Then i feel hands massaging my ass.. pulling the cheeks apart.. fingers are probing my hole..'Ohhhhh.." I try and moan.. As thr fingers probe further and harder.. how many fingers can that be.. 3 or 4..? "THATS TWO" the voice at my head says.. shoving two fingers down my throat until I almost gag... Fuuuuuck thats good.. "LETS DO 3..." .. I feel a stab of ecstacy as three fingers are slid up my ass.. oooohh.. thats smooooth.. out and in slowly.. same down my throat.. I am feeling totally possessed AMYL again... now I am begging for it.. "GIVE IT TO ME.." I scream.. then there is stab of pain as I am whipped across the buttocks with a leather strap. "OOWWWW" again.. "AWWWW" then four fingers slide up my arse...pushing hard in..ECXSTACY... I feel a dildo thrust into my mouth its so big I can hardly open my mouth wide enough... its rammed right to the back of my throat he is pushing but its to big wont go down...feels soooo good.. "GIVE THE LITTLE SLUT A FIST FUCKING.." I hear a voice.. as my head spins from another shot of Amyl... "YEAH".. Ifeel four fingers and then the knuckle slide into my ass.. he holds them with the knuckle right at hole.. and rocks slowly backwards and forwards.. a little bit.. out and in... Feels so good...then a push that sends me to the stars.. my hole is stretching..feels sooo fucking good.. my whole body is being invaded.. I feel relief as his fist slides right up my arse......that's just BLISS..Being totally consumed as fingers are forced down my throat...Consumed ..I am arching my head back..mouth open as wide as I can.. wanting to gag...sooo fucking good,.. I feel the fist pumping slowly pushing..further up.. into ecstacy.. Then suddenly pulled out.. my scream is stifled by the fist that is down my throat.. I see stars.. I think I am blacking out."I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT" I hear a voice.. .then I feel like a baseball bat is being stuck up my arse.. wait a minute that IS a baseball bat up my ass... no wonder feels so good... "FEELS GOOD EH BABY.." The dildo is down my throat again.. dripping with lube.. a hard push.. it goes down my throat.. I am gagging.. i want to vomit but I cant..harder again, I am blacking out...My ass is screaming with ecstacy.. then slow again.. the base ball bat comes out.. I am allowed to breath again, I try to gather my senses...  But I cant..My ass is aching... but feels so good.. I am turned over on my back... my legs are tied up apart.. my hole is and vulnerable.. whats going to happen ? my head is bent over backwards.. my face up, ..I am staring at the big dildo.... "GIVE IT TO THE LITTLE FUCKER" I hear.. the dildo is jammed into my mouth.. but not all the way, just into the back of my mouth, pumping from side to side... Ohhhhh Fuck... Then I feel and taste piss.. pouring onto my face onto the my mouth..up my nose.. I am choking again.. Soooo fucking good... "LETS GO FOR A HOME RUN"... I feel the baseball bat up my ass again..thrusting..pumping.. I am drinking the piss,pouring down the dildo.. over my face ..I feel another pissing on my chest...YEAH.. FUCKING GREAT ! I feel the bat come out, and fist is sliding in..then out.. stretching my hole.. Feels so good,.. the knuckle is stretching my hole to the max.. in..out..sliding in slow.. so good, then a blast of pain.. feels so good ...the fist pushes all the way in.,Ahhh FUCK...I scream with ecstasy when I feel the fist clench.. turn from side to side and pump slowly back and forward.. so good..the clench is released as the fist comes out.. SO GOOD.. slow stretching my hole..then its out.. fingers are ticlking my hole.. it feels like its on fire. I scream "FUCK ME.." it doesnt come out the dildo is still in my mouth,but I get what I want, I feel the fist plunging up my hole.. straight in.. stretching.. feels just so fucking good.. the piss is still pouring over my face.. I am spluttering... I feel like I want to cum.. the pumping fist.. is hitting my P spot... FUCK.. I am bucking like a mule, totaly posessed.. I am going to BLOW.. SO FUCKING ECSTATIC...THE Dildo is down my throat I am gagging...FUCK.. FEEL LIKE I AM GOING TO BLOW.. Then FUUUUCK... Hot wax is dripped on my nipples.. BURNS.. Hurts SOOOO GOOD... I AM GOING TO BLOW...Burns..Hurts.. Choking..Fist up my ass.. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I Scream as I feel my balls pumping.. a great fountain of cum..My nipples are on fire.. My ass is on fire..I am choking, seeing fucking stars... AND THEN I WOKE UP... My dream...

Bi Ts Lover

Published on: 27 Jun 2020

Hotel Handover

Kate & I were relaxing at home 1 evening when her phone buzzed with a text. It was from a bull we knew from a previous encounter. He was in town for the night & wanted some female company & was she available. Well, of course she was, I had no say in these things & Kate told him exactly this.

He gave her the name of the hotel & room number. He also said to be there in exactly 1 hour & he had a surprise for her. Well, that made Kate really excited. She went up to our room to prepare herself. Around 20 minutes later she called down for me to join her. I went upstairs & entered our bedroom. Kate was standing there in pink lingerie complete with stockings. She instructed me to help her put her dress on & zip it up at the back. Once done, she glanced at the clock, we had 25 minutes to get to the hotel to meet her bull. 

We then left the house, got in our car & headed to the hotel. It was only a few miles away but it's a busy area & takes some time to drive there. We arrived & parked the car before making our way in to the hotel. Entering the lobby, we made our way to the lifts. Kate pressed the call button & we waited. I glanced around & had the odd feeling that everybody knew why were there, I felt like a pimp. The lift arrived & we entered, Kate pressed the button for the 4th floor, the door closed & we were going up. We got to the 4th floor, left the lift & sought out the room we were given.

It was a few doors away & we were there soon enough. Kate knocked on the door & we heard footsteps approach. The door opened & we were greeted by the bull, who ushered us inside & closed the door. Kate stood in the middle of the room & we noticed another guy sat at a small table. The bull introduced him as a work colleague & he wanted to get laid while he was here. Kate looked at her bull then at me then the other guy before looking at me again. I nodded my approval, I had no choice to be honest.

The bull approached Kate, kissed her & squeezed her ass. He then summoned me to them & told me to undress my wife. Kate looked at him & he said it's ok, the other guy knows your husband is a cuck who lets other men fuck you. With that, he told me again to undress Kate. I unzipped her dress & let it slip to the floor before Kate stepped out of it. I then unclipped her bra, slipped it from her shoulders, down her arms & let it drop to the floor, freeing her 34D tits. Her bull took hold of each 1 & squeezed them, making Kate squirm. I then slowly slid her panties down, over her ass & down her legs, helping her to step out of them. I then stepped back as the bull & his friend approached Kate & began to run their hands all over her, squeezing her tits & ass, rubbing her pussy & taking turns to kiss her while I just stood there watching.

They then pushed Kate to her knees between them & unzipped their pants, Kate reached out & took hold of 2 hard cocks. I watched as Kate started stroking them both, when the bull told me to leave & wait in the bar for my wife. I started to stutter a reply, when Kate turned to me & said just go, she would see me later. With that, I left the room & headed to the bar.

I sat in the bar with a drink & thought about what had just happened. I had never left Kate alone like this, I'd always been present or just outside & never with more than 1 guy. Anyway, it was 3 hours later when my phone buzzed, it was a text from Kate, she was on her way down to join me. Soon I was joined by my wife, she looked tired & sweaty but smiling. She said she'd left her panties with the other guy as a souvenir & wanted to go home.

We made our way to the car & began the drive home. As we drove, Kate told me about the evening. They'd both fucked her mouth, pussy & ass, dp'd her, double pussy fucked her & both had cum in her pussy. She still had it in her & she was going to feed it to me when we got home. Needless to say, I drove a little quicker at the revelation & soon we were home.

Once inside, Kate told me to lay on the floor with my mouth open, which I did. She then stood over me, lifted her dress then squatted down over my open mouth & told me to lick. As I did, I could feel cum running in to my mouth, warm & salty. I drank it down eagerly before Kate stood up & said we were going to shower. 

That was the end of another eventful night...



Published on: 27 Jun 2020

Cock diary

So i decided to head out for a walk because my internet and everything was just driving me insane. All i was thinking about was wow these girls love to suck cock in the videos.

I was horny and i found some girly attire at a charity shop earlier that week. After walking about looking like a confused trash whore without a care jn the world i stopped by a corner in a place where kerbcrawlers visit for hookers. I have been there a few times but never got any guys interested. This time was different i had plumping lipgloss on and i was really ready to copy thise whores on film. Gagg and dont stop until you feel warm juices shooting off in your mouth was my goal. I stood there smokjng a fag until an arab in a little van swerved beside the kerb i was stood kn and smiled saying hi darling get in i said im not really ..then decided he already knew as im far from petite or beautiful. I cant convince anyone im a woman put it that way but i looked sexier than ever and finished my cigarette before getting in. I buried my face between his lap all the way towhere he parked his van near a church and i srsrted to arouse his cock with my face in his lap. He was enjoying having a slutty haed between his legs. I sucked his cock out of his ooen trousers and dribbled down the shaft and when he had felt it in my throat he put both hands forcefully on my head and started to fuck me rough. Once he had a few minutes he decided he wanted to anal wreck me so i said yes i have condom and we went to the churchyard where he ***** my virgin ass and i screamed and he laughed and i ran scurrying like a injured mouse back to his van because i left my lipgloss there. We both got in the van and i said to him where is the twenty pound we spoke about he said i dont have any koney i said to my arab client that he needs to buy me cigarettes and he pulled out a fresh box of fags and then i contjnued to suck his cock for fuve more mj uted before leaving but i left my lipgloss there and cant find the same brand anywhere. The rest of my cock diary will tell you how i got fucked in hyde park by a long stallion cock from itally and he rode me while others watched and thats hkw i oost ny virginity and now i have a proud slut hole but need more cock to feel like a real slut